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Analysis Deck: Space as a Platform

Filling in gaps for entrepreneurs and investors of the next decade

It’s a moral and strategic imperative that humanity gets to space, and does so soon. We have a ticking time bomb on our hands, but we don’t know when the clock is going to run out. In short, we are overdue for an extinction-level event.

As we’ve dug deeper into the Space Startup market over the 6 months since our original Space as a Platform thesis post in mid-2016, we’ve come to a frightening realization.

There are not enough people investing their time nor dollars into the required areas of space to enable us as a species to get there. It’s simply not going to happen, folks.

We have yet to find a document that puts all the pieces together from a product perspective to understand whether or not it’s even possible for us to get into space. Truth is, we’ve barely scratched the surface.

And so, the deck below is merely a start. We wanted to wait until the full deep dive was complete, but that will have to wait because we need to start acting now. In time, it, along with our 2030 Tech Theses, will provide a comprehensive product playbook for getting from here to there.

We can’t do this alone. We need help. From the media to expose how dire a situation this is. From entrepreneurs to stop focusing on eCommerce and social media for what you dedicate your life to investors who choose what to capitalize.

We landed a man on the moon with a combustion engine and some calculators back in the 60s. We did it from scratch in less than a decade. JFK’s barbaric yawp ignited a nation. And a world.

We need that level of conviction again. Because our early warning systems, whether climate, asteroids, or nuclear aren’t going to give us a decade of lead time.

The time is nigh, my friends.


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