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Analyzing YC’s Latest Batch of 52 Startups

Fountainhead News: Mar 22, 2017

YCombinator’s latest batch had its first demo day yesterday and with it came the 52 startups included. BTW, you think they tried to match it up with a deck of cards on purpose?

TechCrunch has details on each one, but we thought it would be more interesting to unpack the types of businesses that the original accelerator deemed worthy of their time and compare that against Humanizing Tech’s theses of innovation.

Right out of the gate, without even looking, our guess is there is little, if any, overlap between the two. Because while one is focused on iterative innovation (table stakes), the other is focused on leaps of invention.

Here is the list, in order of the TC article:

  • 3D Printing
  • VR
  • Food
  • 3x AI (farming, trading, radiology)
  • Banking
  • Office Management
  • 2x eCommerce (platform, product labeling)
  • Voice for Sales
  • Insurance
  • Education
  • Biohacking (nice!)
  • Payments
  • Wearables (for cows?)
  • 5x Africa (internet, 2x bill pay, ecommerce, trading exchange)
  • Charity
  • Customer Support
  • Displays
  • 5x India (auto repair, P2P lending, internet, milk delivery, doctor messaging)
  • Genetic Counseling
  • Canada (employee benefits)
  • Health Records
  • Groceries
  • Drone Delivery
  • Security
  • 2x Small & Medium Business (maintenance, coffee)
  • Chemicals (nice!)
  • Marketing
  • APIs
  • 2x Blood Tests
  • 2x Rentals (help you find one, get paid by renting small homes in your yard)
  • Smart targets for shooting (i.e., guns, bow & arrows, etc)
  • HR (employee onboarding)
  • Auto Repair
  • Public Transportation Payments
  • Batteries (nice!)
  • Genome Editing (nice!)
  • Sales leads
  • Retail kiosks
  • NFP for bus tickets

The trend we’re seeing here is, as expected, the iterative innovation. Which really just means the old A16Z adage that “software is eating the world”. The strategy is take an old business that hasn’t been touched by software and then add software.

Also, new products and services for emerging markets. We’re essentially duplicating the successful tech businesses from America into Africa, India and Canada, aye.

Finally, we see a few startups with hyperlinks above that are close to our theses of biohacking, energy, genome editing, and mimicking nature.



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