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AR Car . Mobile Nuclear Reactor . Spray On Solar

Fountainhead News: Mar 29, 2017

Lets try something new today and talk about the newsworthy news during this edition of fountainhead news. New news, if you will. A free edition to all subscribers of Humanizing Tech.

The dots are yours to connect:

  • Apple: reducing priority of the car while increasing that of AR. Not a surprise if you read the tea leaves. Apple has no major automotive manufacturer (that we know of) to produce its product. Meanwhile, AR is getting lots of excitement and investment with video filters, Facebook v Snap, and the upcoming glasses that are apparently still a few years out. While the car’s selling price is much higher, they don’t yet have a differentiator, unless they take a page out of our playbook. Our analysis: How To Differentiate the Apple Car.
  • NASA: released a treasure trove of images and videos. Use that for your next Medium story. And they’re competing directly against SpaceX’s planned space internet, using lasers to transfer information 100x faster than the current dial-up speeds. Our analysis: What Is SpaceX Internet?
  • Blue Origin: our kindly billionaire friend Mr. Bezos has 4 new pictures of what the interior of his new consumer space craft looks like. Mmm, smell the stitched leather.
  • MIT: they created a mobile nuclear reactor. Um, personal power station anyone?
  • Japan: spray on solar power is a real thing. We love Japan. One friend is making a live action movie and another has built one of the best CDNs in the country. Reach out if you’d like to learn more.
  • Ethereum: dig The Base Code? Want to learn more about Ethereum’s value for the Enterprise market. This short yet descriptive deck is a great place to start.
  • Tesla: China now owns a large stake in a fast-growing American automotive manufacturer.
  • Health: our latest analysis, from a learned Medical Doctor Jonathan Kanevsky, The Future of the Stethoscope

PS, we’re having some incredible conversations about making The Base Code a reality with various folks in the industry. Stay tuned in the coming months for more newsworthy news on that front.


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