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Bernardo, thanks so much for the thoughtful reply.

Bernardo, thanks so much for the thoughtful reply. I really appreciate it when people challenge my thinking. Ultimately, that’s what I’m driving for: understanding. I only have as robust of a viewpoint as what I read, and I can’t possibly read everything so need to pick my spots and try to draw insights from that.

In regards to your comments, I think you’re right that this model just represents very basic thinking and there is a lot more to the costs that go into the data center, not the least of which is human beings, hardware, leasing or buying the land, etc. We’ve been managing the metal in data centers for decades so have some experience with that, and even we’re moving towards a cloud approach. But getting the information on what Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft have all put into and spent on their DCs just isn’t publicly available so it’s incredibly hard to build up from basic principles here. I would almost need a full-time analyst expert in the area to come up with a model.

If I was a full-time investor managing billions in hedge fund capital, I’d definitely be doing that across the board. Have you come across any references, data points, or toolkits you might think are helpful to this analysis?

— Sean

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