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  1. Self-Driving: Udacity is going whole hog on open-sourcing their self-driving vehicle with a letter penned by Oliver Cameron. Might help us with these traffic accidents. Especially since while visiting family in Iowa this weekend, one of the gals taking care of my grandmother just lost her 35 year old fiancé from a traffic accident on the way to work a few months back. They have 9 kids. Horrible. This isn’t a broken arm problem. It’s a broken life problem. We might have something to contribute from a biological, not mathematical, self-driving perspective.
  2. AI Domains: Over the last few years, you might have started seeing new TLD (top-level-domains) pop up on the websites of some of your favorite startups. What used to be .com turned into .io. Even this publication is the first I’ve seen with a .tech. And you’ve likely started seeing .ai for artificial intelligence. It’s said you can up your valuation simply by adding a dot-ai to the end. Might be correlated (because people understand what product you’re selling), but it certainly isn’t causation. That said, I’m not immune. It will take a special registrar and a few days for the country of Anguilla to approve your special internet spot. They’re going to become quite the popular country code in the coming years. Who knew that GDP for tourism could also count in cyberspace?
  3. Newsletter: I came across a unique blog and newsletter a few weeks back. If you’re into Mr. Robot on USA or the hacker culture at large, you’ll really enjoy N-O-D-E.net. It’s a bit of a sub-culture, minimalistic gray-and-white aesthetic, but the content is fascinating. Let me know what you think.
  4. Energy: One of our contributing writers wrote a compellingly educational piece on the state of solar photovoltaic (PV) technology. He has a company who is building this future, so he knows what he’s talking about. There’s a force at work here, similar to Moore’s Law, but applied to the falling price of solar called Swanson’s Law. You’ll never guess the country that single-handedly jump-started this revolution.
  5. Video: There’s a great hour long video by Shane Smith, the founder of VICE, on the reasons for consolidation in the media industry (e.g., Disney potentially buying Twitter). It got me thinking about the future of ads in the online video industry as well so I wrote up some notes about it and included the video. Give it a look and then follow along with our barbaric yawps of “CMON SCOTLAND!”.
  6. Snapchat: I compared the new Snap spectacles to GoPro and iPhone 7 cameras from the perspective of the action camera market because, let’s face it, when you’re taking photos out in the world doing “stuff”, it’s considered action.
  7. YC: Their Winter 2017 application deadline closes tomorrow. Get your video and online form put together today if you want to apply. I’ve got a friend who’s going to be a part of it. If you’re applying let me know and I can send an intro for some pre-plotting. Remember, plain language and product focus are the keys to success.
  8. Space: Elon and SpaceX live streamed their Mars announcement this week. The rocket and fuel tank is massive. The vision is ridiculously large. The time scale is cost is out of this world (heh). What do I think about it? Well, (1) we’re going to need some autonomous space rovers to help build out our space outposts. And (2), blue collar work will go from being one of the worst jobs in Allentown to one of the highest-paying jobs in Elontown.

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