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  1. AI: 60 minutes had a special report on the state of artificial intelligence last night. They covered Carnegie Mellon’s robotics department, IBM Watson’s AI and it’s use as an extra pair of hands for cancer researchers, and talked briefly about tracking emotion by analyzing a human face. But again, it was no surprise they didn’t mention Biological AI because it’s at the absolute bleeding edge and there’s only one team in the world working on it for self-driving vehicles.
  2. Startup: The 2nd Presidential debate also happened last night. It looked like it should have been on Bravo, not ABC News. I dissected my thoughts through the lens of hiring a Chief Product Officer for our United States “startup”. Most people forget we’re one of the youngest countries in the world. We truly are a startup that’s raised trillions of dollars in capital, disrupting the world economy with a novel approach. Freedom.
  3. Investing: It’s been awhile since I’ve updated The Base Code’s operating strategy. In my Q3 2016 Performance review, I look back on a critical decision that altered my strategic approach to investing over the coming year. And provide a new acronynm to judge investment decisions with.
  4. StoryApp v2: Long-time readers will recognize the similarity of vision between why we started StoryApp back in 2011 and resurrecting a best friend using mathematical AI techniques today. It’s not that creepy when you realize it was the only way for Clark Kent to communicate with his father who had passed immediately after he was born.
  5. Self-Driving: One of my good friends got into the very exclusive Udacity Self-Driving Car program (one of the first 250 out of 11,500 applications). Incidentally he’s also the same chap working on Biological AI. Coincidence?
  6. White Paper: 30% of the global workforce now works independently without a formal boss or employer. This McKinsey report sheds some light on the On Demand economy. A phrase I abhor, but something that is very real. I’ve been working with remote teams almost my entire career. Offices don’t matter. Nor do hours worked. Only results.
  7. Space: Most people have no idea that China has had a space program that started a few years before we landed the first man on the moon. The world’s upcoming great superpower is using a 3-part formula to disrupt the United States’s hold on outerspace.
  8. Military: I spent a few days with a Green Beret, Army Special Forces soldier this weekend. He gave me some tips on how to protect myself and my family if the worst happens or I find myself in danger. We might put something together in the future if readers are interested in self-defense, counter-terrorism, or just generally being prepared and adapting to any situation.
  9. Stats: Humanizing Tech’s subscribers are still growing at +7% week over week. Slow and steady often wins the race. At first, you only reach a few people, but over time it begins to compound. This publication is now exactly 1 year old with over 300 stories, but I really never treated it that seriously until a few months ago. See if you can spot the slope change in the line when that happened.

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