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  1. Space + AI + Energy: The funny thing about the future is it often doesn’t just happen in one specific industry, but rather how multiple industries combine in new and novel ways. That’s why you see what used to be singular topics combined together. Here’s one to get your brain scratching on thinking about things from a new perspective, crossing quantum computers, biological AI, skutterudites, and gravity drives.
  2. Military + Video + Self-Driving: Want to find out who builds a $1 trillion augmented reality helmet? Maybe you can guess this one.
  3. Investing: Warren Buffett manages to combine decision making, tech, baseball, and cola in a 4 minute master class on investing. Also, investment in AI is climbing over the last few years. Finally, the biggest fund of all time, $100B, is being raised by Softbank (Japan) and Saudi Arabia and private investors. Scary, or good, for the rest of the world?
  4. Biology + Self-Driving + AI: We haven’t talked about this much yet because it’s been in R&D for 5 years. But our car now recognizes faces. Comes in handy when you want that Autopilot to figure out which object is more important to avoid. That’s the basis of everything Humanizing Tech stands for.
  5. Film: Particpant Media is an incredible company. They invest and make movies in order to drive social awareness and action. But this ain’t no class project. Their latest, Deepwater Horizon, starred Marky Mark and it was a stunning film I highly recommend. Lets stop mainlining oil and get ourselves some electric vehicles, y’all.
  6. Stats + Whitepaper: Did you know there have been less than 500,000 electric cars sold worldwide in 2015. Tesla represents about 10% of that total. Did you also know that there are about 1 billion active cars on our roads today? That’s 0.05%. Learn more in the McKinsey on Business Tech & Bloomberg automotive mobility whitepaper released this week.
  7. Watch: Listen to Sam Altman and Reid Hoffman chat for 30 minutes about what matters in a startup, what you need to work correctly, how to raise capital from Greylock, what secret they believe, how to keep your culture, hire great people, and how to scale.
  8. Startup: I love the Atlantic, but the results of their (only) 50-person startup survey leaves me a bit awestruck. The top 2 most exciting startups in all of mankind is a messaging app and a software-running tool? I love both tools and use them, but humanity is capable of so much more, and there are diamonds in the rough all over this world building it. Go find them and give them kudos.
  9. Software Engineering: Did you know that Uber’s first app was outsourced because they didn’t think it was going to be a tech company? Or that they scaled from 200 to 2000 engineers in the last year and a half and now have 8000 git repos and 1000 microservices. Watch the video. Holy moly.
  10. Poem: I wrote a silly poem because I wanted to make a point. If you do a thing, then you should consider yourself a member of that highly vaulted group. Of course, you may not be the best in the world as soon as you start off, but it doesn’t mean you’re any less worthy. Stay the course. Your future compounds on the past.
  11. Coming Soon: articles on the cross between sports and tech, how to integrate your business into China, and a few other articles on bleeding edge AI for video and self-driving in a few major publications.

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