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Diary of a Madman, Page 14

5,100 people peering inside. Don’t get trapped.

  1. Sports: In honor of our latest story on the Future of Sports Tech, we added a new Channel last week called, what else, Sports. Take a ride down that rabbit hole to connect the future dots of materials that will power itself while it protects us.
  2. Video: An interesting post made the rounds last week by the venerable Robert Scoble. His prophecy of the upcoming transparent iPhone 8 device got me thinking. First, it won’t be truly transparent, it will just appear that way from the video cameras projecting what’s on either side of the iPhone. Second, apps will no longer be apps. But rather H.264 live video streams that allow for interactive overlays. That Coke can you see isn’t real. But click on it and it may be the new Amazon Dash button. We’ll write about that more this week.
  3. AI: One of our contributors penned a nice post on the history of AI, a high level explanation of it, and why now is the time it is finally tipping.
  4. Apple vs Microsoft: We make an argument for what seems like a shift in how we delineate consumer tech from pro tech. Namely, consumers use one hand and pros use two.
  5. Investing: Here’s a tip. Take a look at Coach ($COH). I’ve updated The Base Code’s valuation model and might just write a bit more of a story on the brand and the business this week.
  6. Space: NASA’s website has a cool new interactive timeline of their various missions. Give it a look-see.
  7. Self-Driving: Well that was fast. Comma.ai’s George Hotz gave up on the industry at the first sign of regulation. Now, I’m not saying it’s easy (nothing worthwhile ever is), but I would expect an entrepreneur to give it a bit more of a go. Business is a skill just like engineering, but everyone still thinks an MBA isn’t valuable if you want to start a startup. I’m sure Andreessen Horowitz isn’t agreeing right now and are looking for another self-driving startup to plug that $1T transportation market hole in their thesis.
  8. Venture Capital: Speaking of self-driving, did you know that 18 startups focused on self-driving software have raised upwards of $0.5 billion over the last few years? And did you also know that every single one of them is using the exact same mathematical approach to wayfinding? But is there a better way? You bet your behind there is.
  9. Startup: And speaking of founders leaving their startups, Vine bit the dust this week after falling behind video lenses and stories (Facebook eating Snap). Most people think Vine should never have touched the 6-second loop mechanic. But their product wasn’t successful because of the mechanic, they were successful because of the social celebrity creators. It seems we keep hearing stories that when the going gets tough, the tough give up. Reminds me of an old line from The Thomas Crown Affair. “Third generation company, you think they would have shown more grit.”
  10. Listen: Our friend Erin McDougald hailing from the windy city of Chicago has a voice as intoxicating as the Jazzy streets it came from. Here’s listenin’ to you, kid.

Back To The Future

This is a new spot in our diary to highlight a few stories from the past seemingly getting a resurgence of interest.

  1. From way back in February 2016, it was the introductory post I wrote that began an entirely new perspective on where the future of intelligence was headed. Read A Novel Framework for Creating Self-Learning AI to learn more.
  2. Sure, it’s only been out for a week, but if you haven’t read it yet, we penned Part 1 and Part 2 of our Self-Driving Mini-Series, in partnership with The Mission.
  3. Finally, if you’re feeling more than a little creeped out that the FBI Director has now told the American public twice to cover their computing device’s mics and cameras, you might want to learn a little more. Also in partnership with The Mission, our story on The Surveillance Age also includes a new product to help protect you and your family. Oprah even saw this one, so if it’s good enough for her, it’s probably good enough for you too.

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