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Diary of a Madman, Page 15

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Biologic Intelligence

Mark this date. We will be referring back to this spot as the rest of the world begins to catch up over the coming years.

  • Deep Learning: Some of these folks have trouble seeing its limits because disrupters aren’t used to being disrupted. Nor quite so quickly. It’s because complex systems can’t always be described by physics. Time to switch to more biological thinking.
  • Quantum Brains: Case in point, a trend you will start seeing more of in 2017: Biologic Intelligence, especially as our brains might actually be Quantum in nature.
  • Biological Programming: you could also watch this 16 minute clip from one of A16Z’s partner describe how we’re trying to make biology look like programming.


  • Live: As we move from mobile apps that download and install to the OS of your phone, into the future of AR, one thing becomes incredibly important.
  • Streaming: Ever wonder how we can stream such massive video files over the internet but some websites take forever to load? The answer is the H.264 spec, explained brilliantly by this gentleman. And if you’re curious about what comes next, have a look at H.265.
  • Hardware: Xiaomi’s new edge-to-edge phone uses an ultrasonic distance sensor instead of a proximity sensor and piezoelectric tech instead of standard speakers for sound. Expect the iPhone 8 to use similar innovations. Meanwhile, Magic Leap‘s hardware “projects an image directly onto your retina through an optics system built into a piece of semitransparent glass”.


  • Electric Cars: An interesting chart showing the total unit sales for electric cars in 2016. Most interesting? The fact that Tesla captures around 30% of the market.
  • Self-Driving: I made a comment on The Information’s recent self-driving cars article that the editors subsequently promoted. Self-driving is hitting a brick wall and Mobileye’s CTO is just plain wrong that it doesn’t require further innovation. See Biologic Intelligence above.
  • Operating Systems: Remember BlackBerry? They messed up the smart phone hardware so they’re jumping ahead to car operating systems. My thoughts on the future: Blackberry is to CarOS as Ford is to Apple Car as Self-Driving Software is to App.

Energy, Investing, Space

  • Energy: You know how your phone’s battery never lasts longer than a day? Wonder how that could last for years on a single charge, or how we could explore interstellar space without abundant solar power? The energy problem we just solved was one of efficiency.
  • Investing: So Giphy is worth $600M, even when it’s never earned a dollar of revenue. Don’t underestimate the value created by something that’s fun. Another example? Snap’s upcoming $40 billion IPO.
  • Space: The Opportunity Mars rover has been driving around the red planet for nearly 13 years and has only gone 26 miles because we have to tell it where and how to go every single centimeter. Pity it couldn’t drive itself.

Back To The Future

  • Yours truly, a year ago, predicting two things that ultimately came to pass: no headphone jack on the iPhone 7 and the AirPods.

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