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Our Latest Crazy Musings

  • Investing: We made a few investments earlier this year, and have a +50% return YTD. But this one drove the lions share of profits, and we describe how we predicted it.
  • Cars: What started with the Cola Wars in the 80s, continued to the browser wars in the 90s, and the social wars of the 00s is about to become the Car OS wars of the 10s. It includes details on Samsung’s acquisitions and a business modeler for self-driving software pricing (compared to Tesla’s).
  • Robotics: Whether you call it IoT, voice, AI, smart dust, or 4D printing, our future robots are likely to look much more organic than you have previously imagined. And if you’ve been paying attention, you might also uncover nuggets of our multi-decade vision.
  • Art: Most believe that real art is something that hangs on a wall in a museum. But the real definition of art is about making you feel something. Maybe you’ll experience something you haven’t previously after looking at our Gallery Show.

In Honor of Buckminster Fuller

  • Build A Better System: If you’ve never read Ayn Rand’s philosophies about Objectivism, you could start with an earlier novel, The Fountainhead, which I love as a high level perspective of building even when nobody else can see the value in what you do. But really, if you’re not too happy about the world today, we might want to realistically consider the mechanics in Atlas Shrugged.
  • Math: A long-standing student of theoretical mathematics, and a fan of Ramanujan’s century-old work that today is helping describe the behavior of black holes, we couldn’t give The Man Who Knew Infinity enough thumbs up.

Self-Driving Vehicles

  • Self-Driving: For all the big companies and startups working on autonomous driving using a mathematical, deep learning approach, you’ve just been commoditized. Biologic intelligence is the future. Can’t you see it?
  • Acquisitions: Samsung bought Harman and a few other companies to round out its future OS with security, infotainment, services, and connected devices.
  • AR: Sonar isn’t just for detecting obstacles, but also controlling digital interfaces (detect hand motion, move on-screen objects). As AR creeps into in-car experiences, expect it to become a bigger proponent of your future commute.
  • Mobileye: I just shake my head. They have 800 people hand-annotating video frames to use for their self-driving car classifiers. Humans make mistakes. Not very safe. It also means they aren’t going to be able to handle situations never seen before either. Their CTO gave a talk arguing for Biologic Intelligence, he just didn’t know it because he doesn’t know about it. Yet.
  • BMW / Baidu: They called off their self-driving car partnership (Fortune) because they’re going in different directions. Interesting. Very interesting.
  • Real-Time: I give a lot more commentary not included in here during the week on Twitter. Give it a look if you’re curious.

Potable Notable News

  • Space: Arrival came out in theaters last week, but spent two hours this weekend watching it carefully. It’s mechanics, estimation of an alien language and thought process, surprising tie-up at the end, and overall political commentary on fear versus knowledge left us breathless. One of the best films I’ve experienced all year.
  • Space Internet: have a read through the Reddit thread of SpaceX’s announcement to lauch over 4425 satellites into LEO to provide higher bandwidth internet, faster.
  • Investing: Buffett sold his holdings in retail (WMT) and put over $1B into 4 major public companies (Harvard Business Review) in the traditionally lowest ROE industry: airlines. Does this signal a departure of strategy from Buffett’s underlings? Instead of picking the best stock in a chosen sector, he picks the entire sector.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Even Adobe is getting into the fun, which looks a lot like a market page for a suite of POC products than something that’s actually shippable today.
  • Startups: Quantopian raised $25M, led by Andreessen Horowitz. We built the exact same concept way back in 2007, called BlueStone Investments. We were co-located at the NASDAQ, ran training models on the early days of AWS cloud compute, and let financial engineering students at major universities trade our capital with their algos. See the future, build the future.
  • Video: Meta data is a big deal when it comes to AI for Video. Hulu just acquired VDG, which does some of what we do. And Warner Bros acquired Machinima for its millennial distribution capabilities.
  • Apple: recent news reports pegs Apple as building an AR glasses-like device. Um, no duh guys. And another patent filing shows how AirPods can track heartbeat. Again, no duh.

Back To The Future

  • Japan: There’s a beautiful wabi sabi to the Japanese culture and their products. One of my favorite? Yamazaki 18 from early 2014, when I was lucky enough to pick up a bottle before the rest of the whiskey world caught on. PS, note the design language of the bottle.
  • Branding: We’ve never publicly talked about the inspiration for the Humanizing Tech brand over the last few years, but there are a number of clues in this letter. See if you can reverse engineer it.
  • AR: We wrote this half a year ago, and still nobody is talking about this very serious problem that is going to happen when we’ve got a screen an inch from our face for hours every day.

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