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Diary of a Madman, Page 18

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Our Latest Crazy Musings

  • Augmented Reality: We got our hands on Magic Leap’s two new patents describing more of how their heads up Glasses, Helmet, and Belt Pack will work when it comes to market next year. We simplified it and grabbed some of the drawings to help make it easier to understand.
  • Space: We broke down SpaceX’s plan to surround Earth, and eventually Mars, will internet-wielding satellites. The entrepreneurs of the future will be “pushing to PROD” in an entirely new way.

When Bloomberg Steals Your Content

  • Space: Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I randomly came across a Bloomberg story (Nov 28) that appears to be a pretty blatant ripoff of one of our stories (Oct 7th) about China’s Space Threat. Not just in written, image, and analytical content, but also in the order shown. You be the judge.

Video Will Transform from Content to Interactive Apps

  • Apple: My friend Brian Roemmele showed us his foresight with an interest tweet over the weekend on Apple’s Lifestream Glasses patent filing. The most interesting part for me was its continued mention of “Physiological” elements, including encephalogram, electromyogram, pneugraph, photoplethysmogram.
  • Snap: Spectacles were everywhere this week, including looking over Apple’s flagship on 5th. But did you know about the fascinating story of the misunderstood founder who concepted and built the original glasses that Evan acquired?
  • AR Hiring: If you’re a fan of minimalistic design, you’re likely familiar with Minimally Minimal and the blog he’s been running since his student days. He went to work for Microsoft on the Xbox, then the Hololens, and is now on his way to Tesla. Not too hard to connect these dots of what’s in store for the future of Connected Cars.

Self-Driving Vehicles

  • Timeline: Benedict Evansposits that no one has full autonomy working yet and it’s still 5 years away. We created a simplified chart showing all the publicly available dates published by the major auto manufacturers. It goes from 2017 to 2040. A 23-year range means nobody seems to know what the hell they’re doing.
  • Tesla: Oliver Cameron pulled together a number of spy shots for the upcoming Model 3. My favorite? The flat screen TV dash showing their UI. Incidentally a report is saying their full self-driving features will be deployed beginning in December and throughout 2017. Seems to conflict with B. Evans at Andreessen Horowitz and what I know about the limits of mathematic AI in chaotic, changing environments with no training data.
  • Data: It seems to be industry standard knowledge that we’re going to have fleets sharing lots of data from high-end cars with lots of sensors. With 20 million fully self-driving cars on the road by 2025 (Juniper Research), that’s 4,000 GB per day (Intel).
  • Self-Flying Cars: Marc Andreessen was interviewed by the Verge about a lesser known part of the self-driving industry. The one that flies and drives. Story from us in progress.
  • Myth vs Reality: Wired had a story about self-driving in Boston that if it can be solved there, it can be solved anywhere. I’m just going to leave this here for perpetuity’s sake.

Potable Notable News

  • Marketing: One of the best futurist-focused campaigns and sites I’ve seen in a long time by Arconic. They got me from a YouTube ad, and then spent about 15 minutes exploring their site and watching videos. Very well executed.
  • AI: Google Cloud will be offering NVIDIA’s AI supercomputers as a service.
  • Investing: Anyone in the Hedge fund world, or as a quant on Wall St knows of Renaissance. This piece takes a bit on an in-depth look inside the secretive firm full of physicists and mathematicians. Wonder what biologic intelligence could do to transform their Alpha.
  • Beverage: Lots of M&A activity happening with Bai and KeVita both snatched up last week. AI is to tech acquisition as gluten free is to beverage acquisition.
  • PR: Watch out for snake oil PR agencies who promise the world, charge you up the wazoo, and get you nothing in return. Want to disrupt PR? Build a Pay-For-Placement firm. We know of one in the midwest who does it for Fashion and the founder is killing it.
  • Food 2.0: Peter Diamandis wrote an excellent post on the future of food. Found myself nodding my head up and down.

Back To The Future

  • Artificial Intelligence (2016): A resource from the beginning of 2016 is getting new life recently. Maybe it will help you learn how to implement mathematic AI, whether you’re a novice or an expert. We’re not giving away our API on Biologic AI quite yet. Email if you’re interested.
  • Original iPhone (2007): It had a 2MP camera, accelerometer, multi-touch edge-to-edge screen with highest resolution at the time, WiFi, Bluetooth, Sonar, music and video player, GPS, full internet browser, messages, email, desktop-class operating system, cellular chip and computer processor. This level of integration was unprecedented. But the real reason people bought it in the beginning? It reduced two devices (iPod + Cell) to one (iPhone).


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