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Humanizing Tech Analysis

  • Biorobotics: You’ve likely never heard the term, so we define it and describe the vision of when biorobots build themselves.
  • Apple, Health, Sports: The implications of Apple’s patented “Lifestream” glasses, especially as it relates to the really medical-ey terms they buried in the filing.
  • Music: What the future of music looks like when you can listen and make it by physically touching it.
  • Food 2.0: Our newest contributor wrote a wonderful story on the future of fast food.
  • Nostalgic Christmas: Nearly an hour’s worth of songs that might conjure up an ache of times since passed.

New Humanizing Tech Features

  • Search: Did you know you can search the 365 story archive of Humanizing Tech at any time? If you’re doing research or trying to educate yourself on something, give it a shot.
  • Fountainhead Movement: Mark the calendar, it’s coming one week from today, on Monday December 12th.

Video as an App

  • Netflix: they finally let you download videos to watch later. Piksel has had a product called Voyage that has let you do the same thing for years.
  • GoPro: They had a bunch of layoffs, which is sad because I know friends there, but I think they should have focused more on the glasses instead of the drone.
  • Magic Leap: A very detailed analysis of why Magic Leap’s product patents could be filled with a lot of hot air.

Self-Driving Cars

  • Blackberry QNX: We watched the embedded hypervisors webcast and got the slides. Here’s the most important one for considering infotainment applications for safety and non-safety systems.
  • Startups: Comma.ai has decided to give away all their code and try to own the network, whatever that means. Social networks for cars seems silly (“Your car would like to add you to its professional network on Linkedin”). And owning lots of data only matters for one aspect of self-driving, the deep learning for sensory input piece, not the adaptable intelligence piece for when it reaches its behavioral limits.
  • Self-Driving: There are only 4 things that matter.

Potable Notable News

  • Watch: Every story has the same mechanical format. This 15-minute video breaks it down very simply.
  • VC: We’re noticing an interesting trend where excess Chinese capital is trying to get deployed in the future of American business, by investing in early stage Valley startups. Doesn’t seem as if the US adminstration is worried about this.
  • AI & Government: There was a congressional subcommittee live stream about AI, complete with testimonies from NASA, OpenAI, Microsoft, CMU, etc. You can read their published testimonies. One troubling trend: private companies have invested 8x more than our government in AI ($8B vs $1B, respectively).
  • Sports: Kudos to our friends at Roc Nation team for getting the $110M 4-year Cespedes deal done. For the future of online streaming sports and accompanying data, have a look at EverSport.tv and SportRadar.
  • VC: My alma mater, Chicago Booth, gets into the growth stage funding game along side other VCs.


  • Angel Hunt: AngelList got married to Product Hunt. Great future strategy. Own the early stage funding mechanism, then own the delivery of the first product.
  • BOTTO: News came out this week that the founders self-funded OTTO, and “sold” to Uber where equity holders would get a % of revenue from commercial driving in a back-loaded deal. Nobody got rich. Yet.

Delectable Data

  • Startups: FirstRound released their annual survey of 700 startups. Troubling times we live in when most founders care more about fundraising than creating a going concern.
  • Salaries: Engineering salaries, bonuses, and equity for interns and new grads across a variety of companies.
  • VR: Deloitte predicts it’s a current $1B industry. It still needs to break through the ceiling, though.
  • Europe: We live in a global world, if you only focus on the Valley you’re missing most of what matters. You might be suprised at what startups look like in Europe.

Space as a Platform

  • Space & VC: An accelerator just raised $200M to invest in space startups. It appears our Space As A Platform thesis has legs.
  • Space Debris: It’s a problem, so one space startup is trying to solve it.
  • Paper: A fun paper from the 70s describing the theory of interstellar trade when dealing with Einstein’s theory of relativity for how time passes differently (and therefore interest rate calculations) for different people traveling at different speeds.

Back To The Future

  • Gamification & Monetization: We gave away the product mechanic wireframes 4 years ago and still nobody is implementing the concept. I guess that’s why the call it the blues.
  • Story Chat: An illustration made back in the StoryApp days about 4 years ago, with our biologically inspired and emotionally intelligent chat bot, well before the rest of the industry decided it was important.

Facts, Tips, Jobs, Japan

  • Did you know Marc Andreessen bought 2% of Skype at $2B valuation from Ebay, then sold it for $8.5B 18 months later?
  • Gigster is hiring a Product Manager. They use AI to build high-quality apps faster and cheaper.
  • The 3 ways to create, creatively via Maria Woike.
  • Japan has the 3rd largest GDP in the world, just surpassed by China but with only 1/10th the population. It also has one of the highest savings rates in the world and may be defined by a single word: quality. J-Stream is a close and trusted friend. Give them a look if you’re looking to break into the market.

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