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Diary of a Madman, Page 21

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I. The Fountainhead Movement

As promised, we have nearly 50 new pieces of content for only members of the Fountainhead Movement. I’ve also had personal conversations with a number of the new members and, suffice to say, has been one of the great pleasures meeting engineers and writers and entrepreneurs who think the same way we do. You are not alone out there, my friends.

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II. Preparing for 2017

New Humanizing Tech Public Content

Thesis: Video as an App

A live video stream contains everything you’re interacting with in real-time.

Thesis: Biologic Intelligence Disrupting AI

Building a machine indistinguishable from a human being.

Thesis: Space as a Platform

When “push to PROD” means “launch a rocket into space”.

Thesis: The Base Code Personal Hedge Fund

Securing your own financial future, without having to pay the fees

  • Venture Capital: we’re seeing a shift of celebrities (Leonardo), athletes (Kobe), and investment professionals (hedge fund, endowments, family offices) moving towards VC as the vehicle that produces a higher probability of outsized returns. The hard part is doing it right. You need the right thesis, and then you need to find the company building it. Note that I say company, and not companies. All shall be revealed, but it’s already hidden in plain sight. Side note: Apple is one of the largest hedge funds in history.
  • Location: Tech companies are laying the ground work in San Diego for the future of talent. Evernote, Google, Fitbit, Amazon are all investing in offices, via Term Sheet.

Thesis: Self-Organizing Biorobotics

Building a machine indistinguishable from a human being.

Thesis: Autonomous Internet of Things

Your objects move so you don’t have to.

  • Self-Driving: The problem being solved isn’t road deaths, its the pain of commuting. Also, it’s failing because moms with young kids don’t trust self-driving nor AI and early adopters don’t want to ride around in a minivan. In both instances, failure. Like the Google Glass of cars.
  • Self-Driving: Fill out this form to get your self-driving car legal in California. It only costs $33K to $50K.

Thought of the Week

A good sound bite is akin to magic. It doesn’t even have to be true, it just needs to taste juicy enough that other people remember it and repeat it. It’s a way to program people to take your message to the masses. It’s the ultimate platform. People internalize it, fit it into their own mental models, and then use it to describe their own beliefs.

Curious how powerful it is? It just got a dude elected President.

Listen this week to the news. Listen to sports talk radio or ESPN. Listen to politics. Listen to major tech publications. What you find is very real lemming-like behavior.

When you stop trying to find the answer for yourself, it means you’re repeating someone else’s Sound Bite Platform. The first step is being conscious of it. The next step is doing something about it.


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