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Diary of a Madman, Page 22

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I. The Fountainhead Movement

Fountainhead News

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II. Preparing for 2017

New Humanizing Tech Public Content

Thesis 1: Video as an App. A live video stream contains everything you’re interacting with in real-time.

Thesis 2: Biologic Intelligence Disrupting AI. When intelligence no longer needs an adjective in front of it.

Thesis 3: Space as a Platform. When “push to PROD” means “launch a rocket into space”.

Thesis 4: Health 2.0 Mega Trend

Thesis 5: Music as a Control Mechanism

  • Rumor: We’re seeing reports of bendable smart phone displays. Our guess is the return of flip phones from the StarTACK and Nokia days, only this time with super high res displays. Maybe it’s the iPad of the future. 1,000 songs in your pocket, music you can touch, and bend?

Thesis 6: The Base Code Personal Hedge Fund. Securing your own financial future, without having to pay the fees

  • Investing: You have to find the answer for yourself. Otherwise, you’re giving away all your gains to somebody who does all the “managing” for you. Here’s one example.

Thesis 7: Personal Power Stations

Thesis 8: Self-Organizing Biorobotics. Building a machine indistinguishable from a human being.

  • Hearing: What if Apple’s AirPods came in jet black? We’ve got a pic.

Thesis 9: Autonomous Internet of Things. Your objects move so you don’t have to.

  • Self-Driving Data: Udacity released 1.5 hours of driving data with 165,000 annotations. It’s not unsupervised, but it’s a start towards that dream.
  • Accounting Firms: everyone is getting on the self-driving research bandwagon these days, including my former Actuarial employer, PwC.

III. Thought of the Week

Could Uber be a commodity like a CDN’s bandwidth data? And what if Uber as a business will only make money as a going concern once they replace their drivers with self-driving cars? What does that mean for the most valuable startup of all time when margins are that razor thin that they’re still losing money? Feels vaguely similar to the payment processors that just take a small fraction of a payment that, at massive scale, builds a business. It’s like Amazon selling things, and taking a small cut of the transaction. So, eventually, does Uber become a service where it’s just a relationship with the consumer, taking a cut, and then going over-the-top of other car services (i.e., big auto) that supply that ride?


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