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Diary of a Madman, Page 23

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I. The Fountainhead Movement

Congratulations to the early members for feeling what it’s like to invest in something early with unproven value and have it pay off already. Our price is doubling to $9/month at the end of the day today so if you want to lock in the lower price, today is the day.

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II. 2017 Is Here, Are You Prepared?

12 Thesis

  1. Video as an App: viral video formula: cute, fail, or win.
  2. Music as a Control Mechanism: I wonder how much the new Apple spaceship campus, AirPods, music & movie dealings, plus macs contribute to iPhone product delays? The next iPhone might be the 7S, not the AR-focused 8.
  3. Biologic Intelligence Disrupting AI: how do connectomes contribute to human consciousness, using the hard science of a connectome to develop intelligence software is an inevitability. It’s just some don’t know it’s possible yet. New paper accepted to Keystone Conf in March.
  4. Space as a SAAS Platform: dark matter detector, tomorrow is the Perihelion, Mars as a PoP for Akamai’s CDN?
  5. Automatic Health Optimization: self-organizing microbots for your bloodstream, killing cancer before it can kill you.
  6. Personal Hedge Fund: we’ve been living this way for years, owning nothing more than a carry-on + computer bag. Instead of consuming, focus on creating. It’s hard to invent something truly original from scratch.
  7. Personal Power Stations: great energy roundup for clean tech.
    ACE is a big trend in 2017 (auto + clean energy). Electron-eating microbes just found. Can we bioprogram this tech for humanity?
  8. Self-Organizing Biorobotics: a new paper published describing how you can control a swarm of robots with brain and eye signals from an EEG headset. The future is already here, you just have to connect the dots and commercialize it. Call me.
  9. Autonomous Internet of Things: airlines will be disrupted by self-driving cars (solves the problem of stress), China can’t handle the air traffic demands and passengers are irate, results in many new airport builds. In both cases, transportation is important. Self-mining robots are just beginning, but even VCs don’t see the correct future of biologic self-driving.
  10. Reality Retail: our favorite watch brand gets an ampersand typeface treatment.
  11. Interstellar Sports Wearables: we bought and tried the Misfit Ray over the weekend as it had all the features of an Apple Watch without the screen. It’s not good. Doesn’t count a single movement after an hour of yoga. Stay away.
  12. Superhuman Modifications: how do AirPods get over the air software and firmware updates? Via iOS updates synced to pods over Bluetooth? Demand is so much greater than expected that Apple’s supplier is hiring more people to produce them.

III. Thoughts of the Week

  • Stats: Humanizing Tech is more popular than AirBnB’s design publication on Medium, and nearly more popular than Medium’s own Engineering publication.
  • Trends: we’re sick of Top 10 lists for 2016 and predictions for 2017. Tech, and the world, doesn’t quite play out that way. That’s why we spent the time writing our thoughts on a multi-year product roadmap for our species.
  • Product Switch: never flying Delta again and rejoined Virgin Airlines after many years away. Here’s to the DJ in the sky!
  • Too Close for Comfort: Interesting that this article from Hodinkee popped up less than a week after I wrote about it for Fountainhead Members.
  • Back to the Future: Apple’s .car domain and emotient acquisition, written 1 year ago.
  • Foresight: Amazon Borg, the secret project where they’re building self-driving cars. Hardware is 5 years ahead and software 2 years ahead.
Technology will always change, but humans never will.


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