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I. The Fountainhead Movement

Now that we’ve finalized our 12 Titans of Tech theses for the coming decades publicly, we will begin our deep dives into each one, for Fountainhead Members only. Here are last week’s exclusive analyses:

  • Medium’s New Product & Archive: comments on where Medium is headed, as well as this publication, based on a bit of inside baseball, as well as links to our new Archive feature.
  • Picking Your Next Investment: the strategy we used to pick NVIDIA before its 2016 meteroic rise and how you can use a similar methodology to pick the next one. PS, read more on The Base Code below.
  • Lowering the Cost of Solar with Software: an insider in the solar business for many years, Michał Bacia gives us a technical deep dive into the biggest cost considerations of deploying solar energy, today and into the future.
  • Self-Flying Car Startups: we’ve charted the various startups side-by-side based on publicly available information, as well as listing out the other valuable industries that self-driving tech will affect.
  • 100+ Newsletters & RSS Feeds We Read Every Day: we give links to our favorite newsletters and provide the OPML file for 90 RSS feeds we follow to gain all of the insight included in Humanizing Tech for many years.

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II. 2017 Is Here, Are You Prepared?

12 Tech Titan Theses

  1. Video as an App: The stop-motion animation feature film, Kubo and The Two Strings, was a breathtaking piece of cinema. I fully expect in the future that our cinematic reality will be a bit more interactive, where we’re plucking along on our own choose-your-own-adventure movie by following one of the main characters. Interestingly was working on something like that a few years back.
  2. Music as a Control Mechanism: Most people consider music the “sound” part, but forget that there is also the “silence” part, otherwise it would be just noise. And that it exists over a period of time. These are the 3 mechanics that these programmers called musicians use. Spend time contemplating what Silence means for your product.
  3. Biologic Intelligence Disrupting AI: Scientific American, the publication that’s been around since 1845, published an article in their collector’s edition Top Science Stories of 2016 magazine. Guess what it was about? How Biologic Intelligence drives itself. This is real, hard science folks. And it works.
  4. Space as a SAAS Platform: Water thrusters as unique propulsion. Spoke with Sebastian Straube last week. He’s doing incredible things in the European Space area, and he’s currently in the process of getting his LPs together for his new early stage Space VC fund. We’re incredibly excited to be working together on some things for the future of Space as a Platform. Stay tuned.
  5. Automatic Health Optimization: Cancer isn’t the same thing for every person who gets it. In fact, cancer is personalized for every person. We need a personalized solution. While Grail has my favorite name and approach of the year (including a $1B capital raise), this chap is quietly building the pharma firm of the future.
  6. Personal Hedge Fund: I have laid out the strategy, product platform, complete with gamification mechanics for The Base Code. The main insight is, “how do you use free, mobile apps that already exist to help everyday people invest small sums of money from each paycheck that eventually turns into your very own large hedge fund aimed at retirement”. Email me if you want to take it to market. I’ll write out details for Fountainhead Members.
  7. Personal Power Stations: We’re going to need farms on Mars.
  8. Self-Organizing Biorobotics: I’ve started a new book describing how nature innovates. It uncovers the secret for how evolution works, not just proving it exists. Did you know that the sheer mathematical size of the number of possible combinations for even an eagle’s eyesight is larger than the time of the universe’s existence. So how did nature innovate our evolutions? That’s what this is about.
  9. Autonomous Internet of Things: Mercedes is hiring a Strategy & Innovation Analyst.
  10. Reality Retail: Neiman Marcus withdrew its IPO while Macy’s, Kohl’s, Nordstrom, Dillard’s and JC Penney’s stocks are all getting hammered down -10% on average. They need a better way if they want to compete for Millennial dollars. Part of that answer was in Thesis X. Give another look at our Future of Luxury Retail analysis and the luxury gifts product we built for a potential answer.
  11. Interstellar Sports Wearables: Covered widely last week, the growth hacker who was fired after 3 weeks at Snap seems fishy. You don’t work at Facebook on growth if you suck at your job. Read Snap’s IPO MD&A carefully. Make sure you’re not being affected by the Spectacles hype. They’re not reaching new users, much like Twitter’s stalled growth. Determine what type of business it is first before you invest.
  12. Superhuman Modifications: as mentioned above, have a read through our latest analysis: Get Superhuman Abilities with Biohacking.

III. Thoughts of the Week

  • New Feature: Archive
  • Stats: Humanizing Tech’s Alexa rank is Universe: ?, Earth: 1,016,313, USA: 274,778
  • Other Stats: Google’s Alexa rank is #1, followed by YouTube and then Facebook. Reading between the lines of trying to understand humanity, we 1) search 2) watch and 3) are social. Consider all of those for the next product you’re building or investing in that touch any sort of human use case.
  • News: The $100B Softbank fund supported by Japan, Saudi Arabia, and now Apple, “will be focused on artificial intelligence and robotics”.
  • Philosophy: If being early is the same as being wrong then JFK really messed up with that whole “we’re going to the moon because it’s hard” thing.
Heresy: any belief or theory that is strongly at variance with established customs or beliefs. A heretic is a proponent of such claims or beliefs.

Count me in.


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