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Diary of a Madman, Page 25

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I. New Content

It’s been quite the week for new content here at Humanizing Tech HQ. Lest we bore you with prose, allow us to get right into it.

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II. 12 Tech Theses of the 2030s

Bookmark the 12 Tech Theses if you haven’t already.

  1. Video as an App: Apple is making original video content to help sell Apple Music. Sure, they don’t care about getting hollywood or broadcast TV on Apple TV at all, do they.
  2. Music as a Control Mechanism: showing off what making a soundtrack for your everyday life looks like from Lil Buck, mobile music’s first step,
  3. Biologic Intelligence Disrupting AI: how brain cells wayfind, World Economic Forum says a math equation is the biggest existential threat to humanity (ok guys!), wait til they get a load of Biologic; open-source quantum computer from DWAVE.
  4. Space as a SAAS Platform: SpaceNet satellite imagery on AWS, SpaceX landed the things on the stuff this weekend (nice), impressive new leader at DSI, Moon Express raises $20M to be the first private company to travel to the moon.
  5. Automatic Health Optimization: phase 1 biosensors are already underway, health detection through the body too.
  6. Personal Hedge Fund: innovation follows a power law, which is why VC returns do too; total VC funding for AI is now at $1.4 billion, an increase of +40% over last year; Betaworks voice accelerator costs 1% more equity than YC for the same investment, Apple broke its 52-week high last week, 5-year time limit on investing all of Softbank’s $100B is Brewster’s new millions.
  7. Personal Power Stations: watches powered by heartbeats, Apple’s head of solar energy is on the new federal committee for self-driving cars, giving us more smoke for Apple’s car fire.
  8. Self-Organizing Biorobotics: using biologic thinking to figure out the next step in nanotechnology, $17M seed round for local delivery robots, Facebook is building brain interfaces DARPA style.
  9. Autonomous Internet of Things: don’t call it a comeback, the John Deere x NASA collabo been around for years, just add self-driving water to this open-source electric car, don’t underestimate Toyota.
  10. Reality Retail: YC wanting to build a city reminds me of Atlas Shrugged for 2017.
  11. Interstellar Sports Wearables: Nike Flyknit Racer, a precursor to space shoes, in other news strong yet light new materials matter.
  12. Superhuman Modifications: biohacking our genes.

III. Thoughts of the Week

  • Stats: We’ve grown our number of subscribers by 8x in the last 8 months.
  • New Features: we have a new page design for our Biologic Intelligence page. Check it out, there’s plenty more to come.
  • Throwback: Ex Machina’s mansion, complete with Pollock No 5, 1948
  • Jobs: Head of Product at Code for America
  • News: Snapchat adds a search feature. But if the brand = disappearing content it doesn’t quite fit now does it? Snap becomes Insta whilst Insta becomes Snap.
  • Magic Card: 3 ♣️
  • Design: how mobile ticketing apps should work
  • Quote:
Clothes: art you live your life in.
Music: soundtrack of your life.
Tech: art you interact with but none of it is timeless. Yet.


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