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Diary of a Madman, Page 26

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I. A Veritable Content Smörgåsbord

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II. 12 Tech Theses of the 2030s

Bookmark the 12 Tech Theses if you haven’t already.

  1. Video as an App: genius music video editing that made its way into Vice Nightly News on HBO Now’s streaming app through Apple TV. So I saw it twice. It’s not crazy. It’s the power of video. Also, this matters.
  2. Music as a Control Mechanism: cassette tapes are making a comeback, new Logic Pro X with TouchBar support (it’s how I learned doods).
  3. Biologic Intelligence Disrupting AI: self-driving is taking an intelligence step backwards reverting to if-then rule-based statements because deep learning can’t cut it. Really want to say “told ya so” right now, but going to refrain because I decided to make this silly diary public. Anybody want to try the biologic approach? Anybody? Bueller?
  4. Space as a SAAS Platform: 4D printing in zero Gs.
  5. Automatic Health Optimization: or as we like to call it, bio-computation, but don’t forget about synthetic DNA.
  6. Personal Hedge Fund: a sister publication that focuses on news, The Hustle, is raising capital through crowdfunding. Which means you can invest in a high-growth tech newsletter like this one.
  7. Personal Power Stations: don’t forget that watches were the first self-powered power stations. Vacheron’s many complications will cost you a cool mil.
  8. Self-Organizing Biorobotics: all of human knowledge buried in a salt mine. Let there be light. Wetware? Not there yet.
  9. Autonomous Internet of Things: well it appears some news is leaking about Amazon’s secret self-driving car initiative that we wrote about calling it The Borg last week. Interestingly, the story started picking up more recommends over the weekend as well. Funny how quality takes time, but virality doesn’t. Are you seeing it, everyone?
  10. Reality Retail: don’t underestimate the power of gamification.
  11. Interstellar Sports Wearables: allow myself, to introduce…myself. Or what if we just gradually break apart the iPhone into a series of wearables (Watch, AirPods, Glasses, Gloves…)?
  12. Superhuman Modifications: the CIA’s unclassified documents, code named Project StarGate.

III. Thoughts of the Week

  • Stats: we were notified as Top Writers on Medium for Virtual Reality, Health, Fashion, Technology, Science, Finance, Investing, Self-Driving, Psychology, and Social Media. So, pretty much everything Humanizing Tech is about. We also passed Swift Programming Language publication and Atlassian’s design publication for number of subscribers. Yay!
  • New Features: we’ve moved EVERAE, our Luxury Gift Store, to the main navigation bar. Tell us what you’re interested in, we’ll go find it.
  • M&A: Camel x Lucky Strike merger creates biggest tobacco. They’re gearing up for the cannabis revolution once it’s legal federally.
  • Throwback: our midsummer analysis predicting when Google & Facebook start building houses. Because the market is even larger than self-driving cars (and they’re already trying to reinvent cities). Heard it here first, folks.
  • Jobs: Angel List is hiring a Product Manager.
  • Paper: YouTube’s 10–year SuperBowl ad analysis.
  • News: Sw-rich-erland was full of well-heeled gentlechaps this week for the most luxurious horological show and billionaire palm-pressing. Meanwhile, trust is trending down, across the board while we skew towards more.
  • Design: check out some of our new ink-flavored branding throughout this newsletter and site. It seems our fountain pen has been busy.
  • Quote:
“What comes after deep learning?” is the real question you should be asking yourself about AI.


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