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I. Droppin’ New Knowledge

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II. See The Future Today, Begin Building Tomorrow

Bookmark the 12 Tech Theses if you haven’t already.

  1. Video as an App: sooo, Netflix is doing well. If you think they’re going to stop at just streaming video, you’re sorely mistaken. Amazon used to only do books once too.
  2. Music as a Control Mechanism: TIDAL sold some equity to a Softbank company. Puts the streaming service’s valuation at $600/user, 2x greater than Facebook or Linkedin and seemingly overvalued. Have a look back at our original Music Valuation analysis. Also, AI is composing now.
  3. Biologic Intelligence Disrupting AI: you will not find a book at Barnes & Noble describing Biologic Intelligence, but they will put a picture of it unknowingly on the cover.
  4. Space as a SAAS Platform: Check out the beginning of our 11-page future of Space startups deck, then have a look at Luxembourg. $200M+ for funding space startups, plus they’re now a leader in PE. 5 teams race to the moon, but stop by our Space homepage first.
  5. Automatic Health Optimization: printing human organs to meet transplant demand.
  6. Personal Hedge Fund: if you have to write instructions on a billboard ad, you blew it. Sell.
  7. Personal Power Stations: how self-powered nano machines work, way back from 2008. Neatly sums up much of what we talk about here. But don’t fret. Nobody is going to steal your idea. Few people have the grit to build it. You have to will it into existence. You’re our only hope.
  8. Self-Organizing Biorobotics: Amazon’s latest patent is awfully close. Can you see it yet?
  9. Autonomous Internet of Things: thisself-driving tank for fish is sorta like Biologic Intelligence if you removed the living fish and left it’s electrical impulses, but we’re going to need something like that for space robots manufacturing in zero Gs.
  10. Reality Retail: Using other startup’s APIs, like Postmates or Grubhub’s means you can innovate and iterate faster than ever, especially in places like New York City.
  11. Interstellar Sports Wearables: remember that secret Nike space clothing analysis from last week? Our friend is helping make space textiles a reality in Europe.
  12. Superhuman Modifications: build your own night vision goggles if you’re not quite ready to shine your eyes or just get some adaptive eyeglasses.

III. Thoughts for Your Week

  • Startup: there are two ways to think about your business, startup, or country. (1) Zero-Sum Game: for me to win, you have to lose, and (2) Grow the Pie Together: we both profit more. Also, ‘Secret Double Octopus’ is the best startup name of 2017.
  • Throwback: From exactly 1 year ago, Emotion Will Be The End-Game User Interface.
  • Jobs: Cladwell is hiring a Product Manager. The tech press loves to lambaste about “executive departures”. Sometimes people just job-hop regardless of the company. Relax.
  • Advertising: There’s a huge Ad 3.0 opportunity for major corporations sponsoring Hard Tech. “We believe in science, fact, and investing in a better future”, especially in 2017.
  • News: China is investing in startups [The Information personal link]. That means they control the wealth, talent, and products of the future. Do you even care? If so, you must invest in Hard Tech.
  • Quote:
The tree doesn’t care which way the wind blows. It just enjoys the breeze.


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