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Diary of a Madman, Page 29

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I. This Week’s Analyses

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In regards to t 12 Tech Theses, we’re just duplicating what we’re putting on Twitter every week, but after the fact. We’ve given away the insight and the proof publicly, so you’ll have to take it from here, or reach out to us to get more related to your specific problem, while we begin to focus and go deeper into the intersection of a few areas.

II. Applying Product Management to VC

We’ve been doing product management, investing, tech, and management/board consulting for many moons. When we see a pattern emerge, it requires that we simplify, organize, and share it. It will probably piss a few people off, but we have to tell the unvarnished truth of what we’re feeling. If we feel it, is it not the truth? Let’s talk about the problems we’re seeing from startup industry investors, in order of WTF:

  1. “You need more PhDs”. In response, “How do you get a PhD or education in something that was just invented? That makes no sense.”
  2. You’re too early.” In response, “Self-driving startups are raising and getting acquired for billions of dollars. Magic Leap raised billions on an animatic video and pre-customer prototypes. That’s bullshit. Newly invented tech shouldn’t be expected to have a bunch of customers when they’re still building out customer-ready tech. That’s the reason for the investment, man”.
  3. “All these F500 companies and startups can’t be wrong. Look at the money they’ve invested.” In response, “Maybe they’re worried about getting fired when someone realizes they’ve spent too much time and money on a legacy technology. Groupthink is dangerous because you stop thinking for yourself.”
  4. “Your first round of funding can’t be that high.” In response, “High compared to what? Social media apps that have been figured out a million times? Deep learning startups that are all using the same algorithms? General intelligence is new and more valuable than anything else created by man with a long-term market size greater than any other that’s come before it. You’re still investing in the steam engine when the electric motor is sitting right in front of you.”
  5. “We’re out of presentation slots, but you can pay to attend and get in our booklet.” In response, “We will never pay to get put in front of a bunch of people. Our technology does that on its own. Nor are we some commodity.”

Be proud of what you’ve built, fellow creators. Do not fret over the people who don’t get it or talk you down. Realize that those people will fight you because they have misaligned incentives. Someone getting angry at you for what you’ve built is a sign you have something valuable and disruptive. Yellow cabs hate Uber. Hotels hate AirBnB. If you jeapordize someone’s livelihood or way of thinking, you jeapordize their existence. Do not expect them to “get it”. Keep going.

Instead, find the people who do get it. There’s more money in the world than there are truly ethical people building truly innovative technologies because they love it. Eventually, you’ll find the right person. But just like any relationship, never settle.

The definition of a Mad Man (or Woman) is someone who believes something nobody else in the world does. One person, alone, is crazy. Two people is a cult. But 20 is the most valuable startup in the world?

What’s the one thing that you believe that nobody agrees with you on?

It seems many agree with that philosophy until it crosses their doorstep. Then they attempt to use the old way of thinking to understand new innovations. You have to first Think Different before you can Understand Different.

III. Autonomous Robotics FTW

The entry below from Wikipedia exactly describes what Biologic Intelligence does for Autonomous Robotics. 6,000 lines of code, 3 Raspberry Pis, a few sonar sensors, and an all-in-one system that uses no deep learning or machine learning for:

  • Sensor fusion
  • Path planning from A to B
  • Environmental understanding
  • Adapting to unforeseen events

IV. Investment Opportunities

  1. Live Streaming Sports: we have a friend who’s global sports live streaming startup is shutting down and looking for a buyer for the tech, partners, customers, and consumer portal selling for pennies on the dollar. Give me a shout and I can put you in touch. You only have about a week before another offer closes.
  2. Biologic Intelligence: a new startup just officially formed in Delaware, but the tech has been built over the last 5 years to solve the problem outlined in the autonomous robotics listed above, is raising one round of capital to get them to profitability. Contact me.
  3. Guadalajara: an engineering center that we’ve been hearing a lot about. High quality, lower rates than the Valley, and on the same time zone as North America. Give it a look
Power comes from the vision, not the volume.
~Atlas Shrugged


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