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Diary of a Madman, Page 31

9,900 people peering inside. Don’t get trapped.

I. This Week’s Analyses

  • Making A Return When The Dow is Down [The Base Code]: Peeking into alternative asset classes, this is the first of our analyses into cryptocurrencies. An anlysis with a purpose. Namely, to hedge your own investments against fear’s effect on markets.
  • Invention Is Not Valued, But It’s Where Value Begins [fountainhead]: We were finally able to express the frustration we’ve felt for decades into something concise enough, even for Trump.
  • BMW’s Secretive Robotics Division [fountainhead]: BMW recently published their 100-year vision of transportation. They showed two cars and a motorycycle. Allow us to help them realize the true vision of our personal transportation of the future.
  • NewLab in Brooklyn for Scientific Companies [fountainhead]: We took a tour of this incredible space in Brooklyn’s old ship yard, gutted and replaced by a coworking space for prototyping nanomaterials, artificial intelligence, and robotic Mars rovers. Talk to Lilly, she’s lovely.
  • Habitable Planets Found Close to Earth [fountainhead]: A watershed moment that deserves to be talked about within the digital walls of Humanizing Tech. Goldilocks isn’t just a zone. Let’s get that gal some porriage.
  • Broken Ring, Implanted Thoughts [Antoine RJ Wright]: Interesting insights when one of your wearables breaks.
  • Report: Social Media Usage by F500 CEOs [fountainhead]: A new report out by a global public relations firm, compares the emerging trend of major public company leaders using their personal social channels as a new PR medium. Elon can prome a market in a moment. Trump won an election. Zuck stops working on Facebook but still controls its future.

III. Inventors Having Afternoon Tea at The Plaza Hotel

If you surround yourself with quality, you can’t help but pick up on some of that philosophy and attention to detail. Then, if you only choose a few very specific instances, it teaches you the benefit of “white space” that helps draw even further attention to the exquisiteness of the experience.

Afternoon tea at the iconic Plaza Hotel, if you will.

For example, Berkshire Hathaway published their annual shareholder’s letter, version FY16. The sound mixing in Arrival or the animation of Kubo. Or maybe the iconic brand of Rolls Royce, the industrialist not the stagecoach.

Finally, lyrics that speak to the Inventors:

And nobody in all of Oz,
No wizard that there is or was,
Is ever gonna bring me down!

II. Newsworthy News

  • Stats: Humanizing Tech has shot up the Alexa charts since January of 2017, now the 789,000th website on the internet, out of over 1 billion total. That’s the Top 0.08% of all websites in existence.
  • Storytelling: Learn how to tell a story like Pixar from Khan Academy.
  • China & AI: They reset their entire population’s belief system. Transformed it into the world’s manufacturing center. And now, leading much of the Narrow Intelligence work in quiet. Be careful, America.
  • Chaos Theory: take a flash back to the theory.
  • Space Startups: Don’t wait until cheap launches are already here. Have your business ready for the largest gold rush in the history of humankind. Don’t forget the Interstellar Engine. Automated QA testing.
  • Energy through the Air: cross-room charging.
  • Design: Go through Dribbble. Everyone is designing mobile apps. What about robotics, space manufacturing equipment, AR goggles, etc?
  • Biologic Intelligence: General Intelligence, this time, from Darpa.
  • Economics: confidence, from Deloitte.
  • Inside Chanel: By definition, if you’re different, your ideas and ideals will be ostracized until you’re popularized. Watch the new Number 18.
  • AR: Now that the non-developer edition of the Hololens isn’t scheduled to hit shelves until 2019, my question is where the hell is Augmented Reality? No Magic Leap. No Hololens. No Apple Glasses. So much talk, so little product.
  • Data Sets: It should not be lost on you that zero of these narrow AI datasets have nothing to do with physical movement in a 4-dimensional universe.
  • Video: Crazy to me that Ooyala is just now starting to think about OTT products. Piksel spent 3 years and $30 million building a microservices, API-based brand new video platform for Broadcasters. Roku’s raising $200M at a $1B valuation, just not from the Valley.
  • Self-Driving iPhone: you can’t make this stuff up. The iPhone slowly but surely becoming an interstellar space ship.
  • Jobs: Head of Product.
  • AI: Remember when Kurzweil said AI would break through based on computing power, like 2045? That thinking is stuck in Mathematic, not Biologic systems. So of course it would need that level of computing power, not a Raspberry Pi. Also, VCs have told me straight faced that neural networks are how the brain works. Mmmkay dude.
“Mimicking the herd, invites regression to the mean.”
“You should remember that good ideas are rare — when the odds are greatly in your favor, bet heavily.”

~Charlie Munger

You’re missing it, folks.


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