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Diary of a Madman, Page 32

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I. This Week’s Analyses

This week focused mostly on our themes of machine Intelligence and The Base Code’s personal hedge fund, mostly because we’re reading the very early tea leaves and are passing a subtle yet critical shift in the industry that very few are paying attention to.

III. Encoding Knowledge

How does your brain work? Do you have some section inside your body that operates as a data storage device, where all your memories are stored, much like an excel file or standard relational database? Or is it encoded in the trillions of connections and how those grow or die over time?

Of course you already know the answer, but our computers aren’t yet built the same way. So it’s very hard to think critically in a new way and develop a system that mimics biologic systems when it comes to computing.

A lightning bolt of electricity that flows through your entire body, and then returns back on itself for another lap, over and over again, is what creates your memories. The architecture of this mapping of connections changes every moment, stregthening some memories while decreasing the importance of others.

It’s why when you remember something, what you’re actually remembering is the last time you remembered it. You’re not remembering the original memory because your neural architecture and map has changed since then. You’re just accessing that pathway that developed the last time you remembered it, altered by the additional experiences you’ve had, and updates to your architecture since then.

We recommend you watch this University of Chicago professor talk about Biologic Intelligence to a child, teen, college student, and another neuroscientist.

II. Newsworthy News

  • Stats: we’re now over 100 private fountainhead analyses, on a daily basis from December 2016 to March 2017
  • Alcoholic Arbitrage: a new app could let you find, buy, and sell undervalued bottles of alcohol, much like sneakerheads have been doing with the Yeezys.
  • Design: Linkedin updated their interface. Go log in and check it out.
  • Video: HBO Now on Apple TV takes forever to load thumbnails post-launch, especially compared to Netflix. Makes us wonder if they’re having image service issues? Also, YouTube gives you network TV for $35/month.
  • Movie: Go watch The Big Short again and see if you see any parallels to where we are today.
  • Science is Real: Maybe Atlantis didn’t sink. Rather, climate change flooded it.
  • Space as a Platform: Softbank is now competing against SpaceX’s 4,000 internet satellites, India is launching rockets, while SpaceX is sending people around the moon, Bezos is delivering to the moon, and Branson is also sending satellites to space. The trend is real.
  • Humanoid Robotics: this video from Boston Dynamics shows their incredible progress of physical self-awareness for mobile robotics.
  • Health: Grail is raising a massive, $900M Series B round. I guess this “solving cancer” thing is a big market.
  • China: they’re the Clubber Lang to America’s Rocky. They’re scrappy, hungry and completely upended their cultural system to reinvent themselves. AI is getting a lot of investment, their fashion “knock-offs” are now better than the original, new cryptocurrency as part of their money supply and will be well-positioned for the coming Space Mining & Manufacturing gold rush.
  • Biologic Intelligence: this chart shows the difference between PROME’s Biologic Intelligence, our friend’s at Numenta’s HTM, and the standard mathematic Deep Learning.
  • Investing: Buffett is now the 4th largest shareholder of Apple, but only owns 2.5% after investing $17B. That scale is just insane. This transcript from CNBC is a great read.
  • The Base Code: an update to our financial valuation model.
  • Political AR Innovation: Apple has 1,000 engineers working on their Glasses in Israel. They’re hiding their innovation overseas, but could be an issue with the EU requiring Visas for US travelers to get into the country (as a response to Trump’s protectionism).
  • Throwback: our innovation from 2011, predicting the To Do List for Email products.
  • Jobs: Disney is hiring a Digital Innovation Director and Blackrock hiring a VP Corporate Development.
  • European Retail: if you’re familiar with Amazon, you should be familiar with Zolando for fashion. Here’s their latest corporate earnings presentation.
Hiring Strategy:
1. Trust
2. Curiosity
What you do today matters far less than what you may be capable of tomorrow. Both good and bad.


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