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Diary of a Madman, Page 33

10,000 people peering inside. Don’t get trapped.

I. This Week’s Analyses

We were deliriously ill last week but still managed to make it a productive one.

COMPARING ENTERTAINMENT STREAMING SERVICES [FEATURED]: presented by Playster, Part 2 of 2 of their sponsored story. In this one, we take a different approach to choosing Netflix vs Amazon vs Apple vs Spotify, etc. About 2,500 words with a simplified price comparison chart, including the value of their free hardware.

  • Luxurious Limited Partners [fountainhead]: unpacking the sources of startup capital, plus branding luxuriously refined…technology?
  • China’s $300B Innovation Plan for 2025 [fountainhead]: something called Made in China 2025, it would do you justice to pay attention to this new, massive innovator who’s investing all over the world.
  • Fast Fashion Enters Adidas [fountainhead]: what started at Zara starts impacting other retailers, plus the athleisure trend is real.
  • Piksel’s AI for Hollywood [fountainhead]: a new artificial intelligence system for understanding live news segments, and the plots/scenes of movies and TV shows.
  • Cloud Wars for Media & Entertainment [fountainhead]: a bit of deep info you’re probably not aware of for AWS, also compared to Microsoft, Google and Netflix.

II. Topical Tags

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III. Newsworthy News

  • Stats: we just crossed 10,000 subscribers last week. Oh what a day.
  • Sick Kicks: Nike does it again.
  • Missin Hip Hop: the greatest rapper of all time died on March 9th.
  • Quantum Computation: IBM’s selling it as a service.
  • China: they reverse engineered America’s space program. They’ll have a space station soon. The vector of this country & the pace is incredible.
  • Blockchain Blitzkreig: Harvard pulls together a brief history.
  • Spaceballs : Mars magnets, tiny asteroid flies between our satellites and Earth. Scary. Even high fashion and Apple Music gets in on their own space race. The future Mars colony will one day publish their own Declaration of Independence.
  • Opposite Investing: danger Will Robinson, danger.
  • Cloudy: reliability is hard, Piksel’s OTT lite platform is at 99.97%, 100% beginning March 14th.
  • Patently Patented: it feels like the MacBook and iPad are converging, but the OS is the problem.
  • Entrepreneurialism: Rolls Royce just said it best.
  • Energetics: Tesla’s vision for Solar City (our guess says he’s eventually going to merge SpaceX, Tesla, Solar City into one).
  • Tick Tock: “Time is invisible so it’s easy to spend.” ~Shane Parrish
  • Fly Me To The Moon: Airbus does good design.
  • Think Different: A fridge works not by making things colder, but by removing heat. Invention requires looking at the same problem from a different angle. When everyone is focused on innovation, then that becomes the new normal and is just “dev”. You have to move onto INVENTION.
“Being early is the same as being wrong.”
If you’re an LP and your VC says that to you, run as fast as you can. You’re signing up for zero alpha.


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