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Diary of a Madman, Page 34

10,300 people peering inside. Don’t get trapped.

I. This Week’s Analyses

We ran a little experiment over the last few weeks to understand the impact to our subscriber growth from not publishing much, if any, analyses publicly and focusing our efforts on the Fountainhead News email pieces. As expected, we had fewer followers compared to normal, but an increase in Fountainhead members.

Next up, we’re likely to experiment with emailing our full analyses instead of just publishing them to Medium and hoping you happen to get the notification. Of course, we’d like to hear from you on what you prefer. No email? Email?

II. Updates from Our Brands

  • Fountainhead [relationships]: Welcome to the 3 new members who joined last week. The few. The proud. The fountainheads. Or something like that.
  • Humanizing Tech [insight]: Reach our highly intelligent and affluent audience by sponsoring our Think Tank.
  • The Base Code [investing]: Our personal Hedge Fund was featured in Fortune.
  • PROME [intelligence]: We went through an entire rebrand. In a week. View our new site.
  • Piksel [video]: You may have missed the news about our two new Board members: Gerry O’Sullivan from BSkyB and Fox News fame, and John Honeycutt from Discovery.
  • EVERAE [retail]: get in touch if you’d like to feature your product for sale or license our product.

III. Newsworthy News

  • Video: it’s now a utility business. The question is whether you’re a nuclear power plant or a single solar panel. Meanwhile, Twitter’s strategy should have been live linear TV years ago. Only now starting to realize it in the product.
  • Materials: magnetic space putty. Or space clay to block those harmful rays. Now imagine smelting 9,000 degree liquid metal in space.
  • Music: AI is already rapping.
  • Energy: again, you can only borrow it.
  • Health: self-organizing stomach bots and designer DNA.
  • Dev: vintage terminal app.
  • Space: most aerospace and interstellar company logos look like crap. Not PROME’s. Besides, space is so hot right now.
  • Mars Bars: NASA, China, India, ESA, and SpaceX are all sending rockets to Mars in July 2020’s 20-day launch window. There’s your roadmap date. 🚀
  • Retail: It’s damn hard, even for luxury brands. Except for L’Oréal, whose M&A strategy is paying off in spades.
  • Apple: the problem with the new iPhone 7 bundled lightning headphones is there’s no place to plug them into your computer. So you’re forced AirPods.
  • Science: it’s real, and they need money too. Twitter to the rescue.
  • Throwback: how to communicate anything, simply.
  • Fountain Pens: bookmark this for the next time you’re in Manhattan, we have a few in need of repair (looking at you, Jerod :)
  • Milan: Piksel has a great tech and sales office there. The rest of the world is finally starting to take notice of the tech market there.
  • Investing: reduce latency of cryptocurrency trades, or else.
  • Self-Driving: it’s failing, as we’ve said before, but what no one realizes is because of the limits of Deep Learning. Relying on data makes it easy to trick.
  • Transportation: first class is going away, again.
  • StoryApp: TechCrunch finally writes about the product mechanics we built, ahem, 5 years ago.
  • IPO: Airbnb is going public in about 2 years. They’re preparing now. Uber likely to do the same. Lots of new capital will be flooding into tech soon.
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