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I. This Week’s Analyses

Last week was Health week on Humanizing Tech. It’s one of those things that nobody seems to care about until something goes wrong. And then it’s all you care about. Just like oxygen. And hearing someone’s voice after they’re already gone.

Be sure to check out all our health-related stories through our tag: Health. And for the newest analyses, along with one from our newest contributor, have at it:

II. Limits of Artificial, Not Biologic, Intelligence

In last week’s Page 35 Diary entry, we linked to two stories about the limits of AI and a new possible approach offered by DARPA pointing directly at Biologic Intelligence.

This week comes with even more fodder. One from a writer funded by Google DeepMind in Scientific American who actually linked to some of Biologic Intelligence’s old work, one from Apple, one from Uber, one on VentureBeat, and one from a VC in TechCrunch. Then there’s Turing’s original paper.

This is only the beginning, though. As people begin to wake up to the realities of Deep Learning (i.e., pushing lots of data through an equation to get a solution to a single specific problem), they will also begin to realize its limit. Sure, it has magical properties, but when you pull back the covers and see how it works, you understand just how laborious it is for humans.

We can’t say it any clearer than that. AI has some impressive capabilities, but it definitely ain’t the long-term answer. Especially if we want to one day get to a humanoid robot in every house (new Bill Gates?). Our prediction is all the equations, algorithms, and techniques will eventually find its way towards Biologic Intelligence (i.e, connectomes).

In other news, our Patent Attorneys made #10 out of 100 IP firms.

III. Newsworthy News

If you find it difficult to fit into some preconceived thesis, it’s likely you have invented something disruptive. By nature it doesn’t fit.


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