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I. This Week’s Analyses [Aerospace & Business]

II. Manifestation Beads

We all need a little help in life, especially from those who give more than they receive. We met a friendly couple on Sunday who quit their nursing and programming jobs, sold their house, and started on their passion. Since they did that and jumped into the river of the Universe, it has carried them ever-forward faster than they could have imagined.

A storefront opened up the moment they decided they wanted one, a man selling bags showed up the moment they spoke their desire out loud. And off they were to the races. They don’t have a web store up, but after witnessing their small cottage business and remembering back to the Hodinkee business model analysis earlier this week, we think they’re really onto something.

First, their product starts with the benefit to you. Ultimate Prosperity Bracelet. Ultimate Wealth Bracelet.

They use high quality parts in their product. The beads aren’t just off-the-shelf.

They describe their product in detail with the hang tag. Both in terms of each crystal’s vibration and benefits to the wearer.

But most importantly, the woman is a Light Worker, and customizes the experience just for you. She asks you what you’re seeking. She recommends a bracelet or makes one custom with the right combination of crystals to help you achieve exactly what you’re looking for. Then she talks to you for about 5 to 10 minutes and gives you some advice.

Say out loud what you want from the universe and the time period you want it. Just like ordering from a restaurant you know your food will come to you. And then, don’t feel guilty about wanting something or having achieved it.

All for an obtainable price point of $25 to $40.

When you compare this to most software startups selling marketing or CRM software, this husband and wife team are running circles around them. Crowds form just to wait and hear her speak to you, giving your own special message. And then you have a physical object to take home and wear to remind you of how powerful you are, and what you’re capable of manifesting.

We might just help them with eCom since we do have a store of our own. Give me a shout if you’re interested in their product and I can put you in touch.

III. Newsworthy News

  • Music: as a control mechanism from Coltrane’s math to user interfaces. Listen to our Spring 2017 Think Tank Playlist, nearly 3 hours of feel good vibrations in honor of Coachella.
  • Space: the innovation landscape from NASA. Quarterly Space Tech funding chart for the last 5 years. It’s comin’ up. In the meantime, the new Star Wars trailer dropped. The new Space Economy is just getting started. Goldman Sachs even believes in it.
  • Energy: we’re now a Top Writer on Medium for Energy.
  • Throwback: the biggest problem with every search engine.
  • Social Media: Instagram now has more Stories users than Snapchat. That didn’t take long.
  • Emotions: they are just your Biologic Intelligence interpreting the billion bits of sensory inputs you’re receiving. A shortcut, if you will.
  • China: been telling ya, they’re getting in too deep to US startups for the Pentagon’s tastes.
  • A Good Deed: she’s giving two grants of $5K each to live your dream.
  • Investing: mutual funds are the devil. Also, look at Japan and Emerging markets, so say the “experts”. Read more than them and you will become your own.
  • VC: 74-page deck on global VC trends. Seed funding is down because people are sick of silly mobile SAAS apps. Invent, don’t innovate, entrepreneurs.
  • Invention: Bezos’s annual shareholder letter, this time, mentioned invention, not innovation. Thanks for believing the reading, Jeff.
  • Robotics: investment [per Michael Hartnett of Bank of America]: Sept 2016: $200M, Apr 2017: $1.12B. That’s a 5.5x increase in 7 months.
  • Cell Service: we made the switch to T-Mobile a year ago, loved the $0 overseas fees, and now they’ve invested $8B in their next gen 5G network.
  • Apps: binaries are getting massive, to the point you need to be connected to WiFi to do any sort of updates. Their CDN bill must be massive.
  • AR: AirPods are on back, back order. People ordering now have to wait 14 weeks. We ordered ours 9 weeks ago, won’t get until May 1st. Also, Apple’s secret diabetes team working on health integrations for future AirPods? Our analysis on where they’re heading.
  • Animation: the MoonBot guys are old friends with great storytelling chops. The future of animation is AR.
  • Video: Brightcove finally got themselves a Live platform. Welcome to the party, chaps.
  • Chips: more efficient microchips make themselves super.
  • Biohacking: this time, at Six Flags.
  • Self-Driving: Deep Learning gets you to Level 3 self-driving. Years of data gets you to Level 4. But making the quantum leap to Level 5, means you need something altogether different. PROME’s Biologic Intelligence is what comes next after you reach the limits of Deep Learning. Visualized. VW invests $180M in a Chinese AI startup. Not biologic in nature. Whoops.
  • Tech Cars: Apple building its own GPU and hiring key Imagination folks + QNX CEO is a play for in-car AR. The writing is right there on the white wall.
  • Roadmap for the Species: A computer in every house.
    A phone in every pocket. A robotic friend in every mind.
    Toyota: 10.2M cars sold in 2016
    Daimler: 2.2M
    Volkswagen: 10.3M
    Honda: 4.7M
    GM: 9.6M
    Tesla: 76,230
    Ford: 6.7M
    Toyota: $172B
    Daimler: $76B
    Volkswagen: $72B
    Honda: $52B
    Tesla: $51B
    GM: $50B
    Ford: $45B
The difference between fun and danger might just be perspective of age.


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