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I. This Week’s Analyses [Retail]

II. “Cockamamie Bullshit”

Below is the chart that Nick Bostrom put together in his AI book, Superintelligence. It tells what is required to emulate real Biologic Intelligence. While the rest of the industry is focused squarely on #1, over the last 6 years, we’ve emulated #2, #3, #4, some of #5, and #9.

I had a potential investor a few weeks back reply to our pitch deck, without even making it all the way through, that what we’ve done is, and I quote, “cockamamie bullshit”. Truth be told, he’s heavily invested in #1 below (and has told his LPs the same) so for someone to come along and say he’s been disrupted? Well, as you might imagine, that just ain’t gonna sit well with some of them thar old-timey folks.

And no, I’m not afraid to call out bullshit when I see it. The truth is a wonderful thing. If you still don’t believe in the power of Biologic Intelligence, or you think we’re the only group talking about it, then let me introduce you to this little organization called DARPA. You know, the ones who CREATED SELF-DRIVING and protects the United States of America with advanced technology. That little group.

They released a new proposal a few weeks back looking for and describing everything we’ve been saying publicly for the last year. A few relevant quotes:

Current artificial intelligence (AI) systems only compute with what they have been programmed or trained for in advance; they have no ability to learn from data input during execution time, and cannot adapt on-line to changes they encounter in real environments.
At the same time, current ML systems are not intelligent in the biological sense. They have no ability to adapt their methods beyond what they were prepared for in advance and are completely incapable of recognizing or reacting to any element, situation or circumstance they have not been specifically programmed or trained for. This issue presents severe limitations in system capability, creates potential safety issues, and is clearly limiting in Department of Defense (DoD) applications, e.g., supply chain, logistics, and visual recognition, where complete details are often unknown in advance and the ability to react quickly and adapt to dynamic circumstances is of primary importance.
The human brain does not constitute the only biological system relevant to the L2M project. The project will also look to lower animal brains, and even organisms without brains due to reduced complexity, yet remarkable behaviors.

Of course there’s much more. Especially when they get into the nitty gritty:

Sounds exactly like what we have in our one-pager:

The future is not cockamamie bullshit. You only get that kind of heated, angered response when you become a threat to someone’s buggy whip business. That’s a signal you’re onto something big. As one of my very good, long-time startup friends told me recently, “keep punchin”.

III. Three Interesting Things

One: For Sale. We’re selling 3 products that we’ve reviewed. Email me if you’re interested:

  • $290 Bang & Olufsen H9:bluetooth wireless headphones with noise cancellation in the Argilla gray. Comes with velvet gray case, wired headphones and charger.. Regularly $500.
  • $290 Apple Watch, Series 1: 42mm Stainless Steel with 3 bands: black rubber, blue leather, milanese loop. Regularly $1,000 that you can’t even get in Stainless Steel any longer.
  • $175 Bose Headphones: bluetooth wireless headphones with noise cancellation in silver. Comes with the protective case and charger.

Two: The Moon Collective. One of our friends deep in the space industry is putting together a small collective of the smartest people and organizations to jumpstart the New Space Economy. We’re providing a bit of help.

Read this draft overview and see if you’re compelled. Email me if so.

Three: Compassionate Technology. Give our friend Olivia Jeffers a look. Smart as a whip and she’s publishing some great stuff.

IV. Newsworthy News

  • Energy: you can harvest water from the air.
  • Trading: you can arbitrage potato chips now.
  • Feminism: Math is doing well.
  • VR: Lytro’s new camera is as big as 3 humans.
  • Apple: gettin a new GPU and joining the Space Tech party.
  • Space: Helium-3 matters for colonization. Self-organizing microsats and 3D printing from Mars dust. Searching for ET.
  • Facebook: changed their story from VR to AR #throwback.
  • Communication: everyone struggles explaining their business.
  • Coffee: it’s clear now?
  • Self-Driving: CarOS is the new battleground. Where did we hear that before? #throwback
  • Self-Flying: VTOL is life.
  • AI: spending is up, up, up.
  • Market Size: AI & Robotics (2020): $153B, Sensors (2022): $240B which means Sensors are 2x larger than AI & Robotics.
  • China: goes to Hollywood and to space.
  • Retail: Amazon Basics could be the greatest Trojan horse into developing economies ever.
  • Cannabis: getting capital for the top startups.
  • Crypto: new app increasing the value of Ethereum, from Coinbase.
  • Manufacturing: the Vibration Institute exists for IIoT.
You’re a mad man until the rest of the industry releases a product to a massive set of the population.


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