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Diary of a Madman, Page 41

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I. This Week’s Analyses

  • The Moon Collective DRAFT [FEATURED]: One of our friends in the space industry is organizing a new kind of group collective to help set the stage for the coming gold rush. This is a draft we wrote describing the problem. It’s happening in the fall. Reach out if you’re interested.
  • Theme: Shifting Aerospace Systems to Automotive [fountainhead]: Only by connecting the dots and relationships across industries do you discover opportunities ripe for the building.
  • Cryptocurrency Gone Crazy [fountainhead]: What is driving the insane returns being realized in cryptocurrency investment? We have an idea.
  • AirPods as the New iPod [free]: a review of the new product from the perspective of what we believe is the #1 most important feature.
  • The Future of Recruitment is Not AI But AN [Antoine RJ Wright]: one of our friends and contributors has been working on some HR-related software products and provides some provocative insights.
  • The Future of Animation is AR [fountainhead]: a bit of speculation before talking to a few of my long-time animation friends. We’ll see how close the prediction is to reality.
  • The Ladder of Knowledge [fountainhead]: how you begin to create your own stairway to success. Showcase your mind, you’re already a star.

II. AI & Self-Driving Birthdays

I turned 3²*2² today. So no super special column. But we do have some announcements coming soon you should stay tuned for. We’ll be in the Valley next week for an AI summit and doing business in China overview. I’ll have some time Thursday morning if you’re looking for a one-on-one knowledge sharing session.

Also, a note on branding:

  1. Artificial Intelligence isn’t intelligent. It’s an equation where humans annotate, clean data, build models. You’ve just shifted it from humans earlier in the process.
  2. Neural nets != brain. It’s more like using the technology inside an eye to control your body and enable your thoughts.

As Timothy Busbice says, “We have an entire generation of software engineers who believe they’re working on software that matches your brain.

As another friend in the chemical industry also stated to me recently after attending a private Tier 1 automotive self-driving meeting, there are 3 groups of people:

  1. People who believe deep learning has limits and another approach is required to reach full Level 5 self-driving (i.e., deal with the edge cases)
  2. People who believe current approaches are fine and that by collecting enough data you’ll handle the situations that matter.
  3. People who are just waiting for the rest of the industry to do the R&D and will choose whatever approach works later on.

Obviously we’re squarely in bucket #1 because of two very important things. First, you’ll never be able to collect data on every situation and black swan event, by definition. And therefore, secondly, it means those car companies have made a legal and financial decision that they’ll deal with the death consequences through legal settlements that cost less than the R&D investment required to come up with the solution on their own.

Of course, the PROME team knows that’s not the case at all. Meanwhile, US Auto sales are down across the board. Doing nothing could be your death knell.

When the whole world is trying to be a platform, be the tiny shower curtain ring content to hide in the background. For now.

III. Newsworthy News

Don’t waste the hard-fought knowledge you’ve been experienced enough to obtain. Do something with it. News with a purpose. Build from wisdom


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