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Diary of a Madman, Page 44

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I. This Week’s Analyses

This week we covered the reality of self-driving, startup positioning, space chips, fusion-powered future, and superintelligent physics. Dig in, y’all.

  • Self-Driving’s Dirty Little Secret [FEATURED, fountainhead free]: all that stuff you read in the media about self-driving isn’t very accurate. We organize some anonymotized quotes from major players in the industry.
  • Revenue Plans for Early Stage Startups [fountainhead]: most experienced folks know any sort of excel-based financial analysis for an early startup is all BS estimates, but you still need to talk through the business model. But first, you need to recognize which kind of startup you are.
  • Metal Asteroids & Super GPUs [fountainhead]: you might think that Space as a Platform is way out into the far future, but not so fast. Things are already happening today in the area.
  • Nuclear Fusion Is Almost Here [fountainhead]: it’s no longer science fiction, but rather just requires a bit of work. And investment.
  • The Role of Intelligence in an Indifferent Universe [Landing Attempts]: welcome one of our newest contributors in the Space channel as he chats through our superintelligent, quantum entanglement, exploratory future.
  • The Information: we had the top comment of the week over on their publication, related to crypto.

II. Americana Cross-Country Road Trip

What driving through 25% of the United States feels like.

It’s official. Our year and a half living on the west coast of the US in southern California has come to a close. In order to mark the occasion, we are driving coast-to-coast across the US from San Diego to Manhattan. Our Uhaul + towed car as so far made it through:

Americana Roadshow
Cali 🌊✔️
Arizona 🌵✔️
New Mexico 🐍✔️
Texas ⛪️✔️
Oklahoma 🐃✔️
Missouri ⛈✔️
Indiana 🌽✔️
New Jersey

We’ve met up with business partners, parents, and puppies along the way. We saw clean energy happening. By the end of this week, we’ll be full-time New Yorkers again. If you’d like to feel what it’s like, follow along with our 2.5 hour Apple Music Americana playlist. It’s likely to get you excited for the upcoming 4th of July holiday as well.

We’ve eaten at Applebees, Cracker Barrel, IHOP, plenty of gas stations, stayed in down home motels, and visited with middle Americans from all walks of life. The biggest lesson learned? People are all basically the same. We go to work, want to have a little fun on the weekends, and enjoy the company of family. I’ve experienced the same thing throughout my travels all over the world.

We’re all humans. The major differences are only created in our minds.

III. Newsworthy News

  • Events: we’ll be attending the Tearsheet Money Conference on June 5th. Give us a shout if you end up going.
  • AI: The main problem with mathematic approaches to AI are you need lots of data, time, and compute. A next gen solution will need less of all 3. Also, even the godfather of AI, Yann LeCun of Facebook, says Neural Networks shouldn’t be called “neural” because that’s not what they are at all. Also, have a look at our Best AI in Robotics award. 2016: 390 deals, $4.3B, 2017: 262 deals, $3B.
  • Crypto: raising capital for your startup via an ICO, in combination with the JOBS Act could start becoming much more prevalent, disrupting the power of traditional VC.
  • Ethereum: a new programming language as the price breaks through $200.
  • VC: report on Q1 2017 results.
  • Batteries: Europe gets into the giga-game.
  • Chips: Softbank invests in NVIDIA a year too late and Apple moves compute to the edge (pendulum is swinging back the other way, we’ll be ready).
  • Self-Driving: PROME is getting involved on the safety side as well as the self-driving side.
  • Drones: DJI is killing the game.
  • Space: Nike’s future biologically inspired smart space clothes.
  • Investing: beware the tulips.
  • Trading: we were doing the quant thing with AI back in 2007 with MATLAB neural networks on AWS. Back then, people thought having AWS was a disease.
  • StoryApp: Snapchat is getting closer to our inventions (reading emotion with AI to react with an animated face).
  • Asia: it’s getting big into tech.
  • China: investing more into AI than the US. Experienced this first hand.
  • Saudi Arabia: they’re everywhere with a $40B in the SoftBank fund, Saudi Telecom $500M fund, $20B Blackstone Infrastructure fund.
  • Softbank Fund: brilliant financial engineering.
  • Retail: Coach’s resurgence is real, with a new acquisition.
  • Software: a great counter to the microservices over monoliths argument.
  • Silicon Valley: the new Pied Piper approach is real. Can’t make this stuff up.


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