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I. This Week’s Analyses [SPACE]

Trust is the only metric that should matter for your startup or global 100-year old bell weather firm. The question is how you measure it.


We completed our cross country Americana move from Cali to NYC this weekend. So, we’re officially back full-time in the red hot beating center of global business. Lets make some new acquaintences. Give me a shout if you’re in the city.

Over the weekend, the World Science Festival held this year’s 50 events all over New York City. And take a wild stab at what the anchor position event was last night? You guessed it, all about the science behind mapping the human connectome.

We attended a few of the events over the weekend. One on Nanotechnologies and how new materials, like Maxene, goes beyond the limits of Graphene to produce our more abundant and fossil fuel-free future. more to come on that one.

But in the meantime, if the Apple WWDC keynote today isn’t really your bag or you’re sick of Silicon Valley groupthink, why not head over to the #WSF17 channel and rewatch many of the live recordings from this week’s science events. A few of our recommended include:

Biologic Intelligence is what we call extracting the governing dynamics of animal connectomes into software and robotics. Because you can’t patent, nor adequately control, nature.

We mapped DNA in the 90s. Connectomes in the 2020s. We have a connectomic AI product we’re selling TODAY. #NSF17

Here’s to you, Lady Liberty.

III. Newsworthy News

  • Time telescopes
  • Branding: this lady in our lives is one of the best to have ever done it. 150 global brands to prove it, including every major sport team you can imagine.
  • Retail: phoenix of luxury and a bit of a tulip real estate bubble.
  • Cellular: a T-Mobile + Sprint merger could give the T and V a run for its money.
  • Smart Phones: a new competitor, ten years too late.
  • China: reposting due to the national security implications of China owning the future of AI.
  • Education: CRISPR gene editing being taught in middle schools. The future has nothing to do with rote assembly line memorization.
  • Hedge Funds: a lot of carrots, indeed.
  • Startup History: In 2009 AirBnB raised a $600K seed round. Nobody will sleep on couches though. $20B valuation later…
  • Self-Driving: The whole auto industry is missing sophisticated simulation software like in aerospace. It’s the key to the Trillion Mile problem.
  • Uber: I once interviewed for this position when they were only 12 people. I joined a gamification company started by my buddy Mateen instead. Learned more.
  • Crypto: People moving towards crypto as their main retirement investment vehicle. Don’t choose Coinbase, it’s not a bank nor nearly as secure. More to come on that front. Fred Wilson also got hacked.
  • Robotics: people are starting to understand that a lot of value is going to be created in this space in the future, but they skip the part about how they’re all going to be controlled in real-time (hint, hint).
  • Physics: why the universe is accelerating, or what we’ve referred to as “God’s Drop of Chaos” drip, drip, dripping away ad infinum.
  • Energy: wind is kicking solar’s ass. Also, personal power stations through Biologic clothing. More people are talking about it a year later.
  • Materials: graphene vs maxene.
  • Dragonfly: one flew into our new home. This is what it means.
  • Billionaires: anonymity is a lost art.
The power of a sound bite is its ability to be transformed into truth by the simplicity of its repeatability.


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