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I. This Week’s Analyses [SCIENCE]

  • 3-Minute Presentation on PROME’s Biologic Intelligence [FEATURED]: if you’re curious what I look and sound like in person, here’s your chance. Also, we have a demo using the same exact algo for a self-driving rover and our pattern recognition / anomaly detection app (you’ll need to schedule a one on one with one of our team members). That’s general intelligence, folks. Deep learning can’t be Alpha Go and drive a car.
  • Who Gets To Level 5 Self-Driving First [Michael DeKort]: from our friend, and newest contributor, also leading the charge for a new ADAS Safety Consortium with a number of influential members. Get in touch if you’d like to be added to our internal working group.
  • Mobility & IoT Expo Videos [free]: now you can watch it again on demand from Plug & Play’s YouTube channel, but this gives the list of the 20 Mobility and 20 IoT startups presenting during the Summer 2017 Expo.
  • Maxene: The New Super Material [fountainhead]: it goes beyond the limits of Graphene.
  • The Biomimicry Movement [fountainhead]: it’s not just PROME, it’s going to be bigger than when AI hit mainstream tech at the beginning of 2016.

II. The Coming Inflection Shift Is Going To Be Stratospheric in Impact

We’d like for you to pay special attention to the links listed below and above in Newsworthy News this week. It’s because it is not a normal week. The scientific breakthroughs that we’re experiencing are accelerating.

We’re stealing from nature to create new products that go beyond the limits of traditional human-designed and manufactured products. We’re using novel approaches like AI to design space age super materials. We’re custom-building new chips to run ever-increasing compute more efficiently. We’re using blood tests to predict cancer, early. We’re putting machinery into our own bodies. Shopping has taken on a more communal approach. And even the money we use no longer looks like money.

Taken together, you might feel what we do. Now that the internet and mobile is pervasive, everyone believes and understands in the power and returns of technology, it’s become table stakes.

No longer are we convincing people to invest in software. Now it’s a competitive threat to even staying in business. That took decades.

But the next shift. The one you see above and below is set to reshape everything. Biorobotics running wetware chips with biologic intelligence giving you superhuman strength and superhuman thoughts. Decentralized everything, from personal power stations to monetary exchange to real-time health optimization delivered through your multiple wearable devices.

China doesn’t even use paper money anymore. Even bums accept crypto. Apple becomes a bank and likely have their own cryptocurrency that they never call a cryptocurrency.

Companies of the future might become our countries of the future. Align with the culture, benefits, and building that you prefer. They protect you, feed you, educate you.

In total, our world over the next two decades will look less like the prior two not because you see more technology, but rather because you see less. Invisible computing as pervasive as smart dust. It’s all around you, everywhere, helping plants become more efficient at chewing through Carbon Dioxide and replacing with Oxygen. Climate change, solved.

But today, what action are you supposed to take? It’s very simple. Start investing. Whether it’s your capital, your resources, or your own personal knowledge. That is where the true power lies.

Those who understand and build the future have the seat at the table. Because by definition they’re the preeminent experts in their field. Einstein wasn’t valued until after his famous equation, even though he was no different the day before to the day after.

The world just decided where on that up-and-to-the-right line they wanted to value him. Whether you’re starting at the bottom left of that line and are starting up to an infinitely increasing sloped line of knowledge and capability, it matters not. Because it’s the exact same no matter where you are on the line.

Let go of what other people think.

That is the single most important rule for theorizing, predicting, and inventing the future that has value. If you wait for the lemmings to groupthink their way to the answer, well, we all know they’ll never get there. The iPhone wasn’t groupthink. AirBnB wasn’t groupthink. E=MC² wasn’t group think. Uber wasn’t groupthink. Flying planes weren’t groupthink. Electricity wasn’t groupthink.

You see where we’re headed. Great people were only great to others in hindsight. But they were great to themselves first and foremost.

The first rule of Fight Club in this industry is to be great to yourself. Then none of the other child’s play matters.

III. Newsworthy News

  • Chips: Apple buying Toshiba’s chip business.
  • Video: Apple is investing in H.265 and HEVC. I signed the official “Personalized Video Channel” patent I invented last week.
  • Self-Driving: critical insights, requirements of computer chips, and Apple starts hinting at their own play. GM is building cars from the ground-up to be autonomous.
  • AI: the Edge is important including AR, self-driving, etc. 81% of F500 CEOs believe AI is extremely important. Come talk to us.
  • Deep Learning: problems include too much data, time, and compute required. Also, Adversarial Networks are fragile, read the problems straight from a practitioner.
  • Biologic Intelligence: spiders outsource part of their brains to their webs. Trusted IEEE publication writes about Biologic Intelligence. Biggest venture returns of all time, right here folks. Computational Neuroscientists are the next Data Scientists.
  • Music: 27M Apple Music subs now.
  • Health: Grail merges with a Chinese company to better predict cancer from blood tests.
  • Space: sending craft at speed into the sun. There exists a Boeing Everett Factory in Everett Washington.
  • Robotics: Softbank’s purchase of Boston Dynamics from Google is a huge deal. Their robots are remote controlled by wires connected to a human. Imagine what Biologic Intelligence could do. Combine with Wetware and you’ve got something remarkable.
  • Investing: size of different industries. Haven’t yet met a VC who doesn’t just say, but lives these values. If that’s you, come talk to us. Also, Microsoft has a larger market cap than Amazon by about $80B. Surprised?
  • Product Management: people are starting to value what this role does, but still widely misunderstood. Long-term thinking is one, curiosity is the other.
  • HR: exec comp consulting is a big deal because humans follow incentives like a computer follows its program: exactly. Be careful what you incentivize.
  • Analytics: big data meets new computing platforms, this time by DARPA and Intel.
  • Cryptocurrency: Ethereum is up to $400, from $10 when we told you to start watching. Also, Coinbase fails miserably at their #1 cultural ideal: trust. Fraud detection across all FinTech is a massive use case being requested by Corporates. ICOs as a new funding mechanism.
  • Retail: thin margins abound, Nordstrom isn’t immune. Our Reality Retail thesis is in full effect: come for the community, stay for the shopping.
  • AR/VR: a 53-page deck on the state of the tech. 50-minute AR video from Apple’s WWDC. Simulation engines will matter not just for VR but also self-driving safety.
  • Biohacking. A nice update on the trend.
  • Japan: China isn’t the only one who gets it, Japan is the 3rd largest economy in the world and working on drone ships.
Idea: Walking around NYC, sync two AirPods to one iPhone. Soundtrack to The City.


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