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Diary of a Madman, Page 47

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I. This Week’s Analyses [fountainhead]

Everything is connected.

II. HomePods = Apple TV Surround Sound + Siri

Last week Apple announced the things. And so tech reporters fell all over themselves to publish a single story for every tiny announcement because pageviews. And then analysts dissected everything because something new and fun to cover that’s easy.

But I’ve yet to see anyone cover the single most obvious Trojan Horse into the home, unless I completely missed some of the dark internet corners.

HomePod is a speaker for the home. Apple also makes a little black box that streams video to big TVs. Maybe we should link the two and have a surround sound system for the home.

Then I’m not comparing a $350 speaker to an Alexa or portable bluetooth speaker, which means it’s more expensive. Instead, consumers are comparing it to overly priced and horribly sounding (plus wired connectivity) 5.1 channel surround sound speakers.

Apple says it will automatically detect other HomePods and map the sound accordingly. Plus we all know they’re getting into original video content with their new Apps program through Apple Music, plus Dre documentaries. So what gives?

My guess says they’re far too early in dev to talk about any other use cases. That’s because the speaker won’t launch until Christmas (hopefully). But if AirPods are any indication, it’s going to be spring before this thing is out. Story Line: Apple becomes just like every other tech company. Early announcements, missed deadlines, etc.

But if you want my Product Management and Product Marketing take, from the very first moment they should have marketed:

  1. Apple Music (sound) = AirPods + Apple Watch
  2. Apple Music (video) = AppleTV + HomePod

Seems pretty obvious when you lay the strategy out as a simple equation, no?

Siri is secondary to the whole kit n kaboodle. People are still self-conscious about talking into their phone with willy nilly commands outside of the safety of their own home. You don’t see people on subway trains or walking through the city yelling, “Okay Google” or “Hey Siri”.

Voice assistants are not an anchor feature. They’re a background nice to have that most people are “meh” about. All we need to say on the matter of Voice was said last Christmas.

III. Newsworthy News

“Self-driving is a solved problem.”
This is the single biggest myth in all of tech right now.


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