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Diary of a Madman, Page 48

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I. This Week’s Analyses [INVESTING]

Scientific Breakthroughs + Commercializing Entrepreneurs = 100x Return. Where’s the investment fund for this? Alpha will be found here over the coming decades.

II. An Announcement

We have some exciting news coming this week from your friends at Humanizing Tech and The Mission. Stay tuned, things are starting to get interesting. It’s been a year in the making and can’t wait to share what we’ve been up to.

III. Newsworthy News

  • Music: something for space, it’s a wonder Blue Origin hasn’t sponsored this one.
  • Defense: the NSA goes open source.
  • Science: funny they called it Tau.
  • Video: Vice raised $450M for their niche news video streaming business. Video is a commodity business unless you’re Facebook, YouTube, Snap or Netflix. Tesla going to try, though. Sports still raising money.
  • Location: Snap Maps is the same vision as Periscope. The problem, of course, is one of ubiquity, and therefore, incentives, not of technology.
  • Space: rocky planets = life? And now, lasers attached to their frickin’ heads.
  • Robotics: self-organizing microbots from Sony. Take note, if you haven’t already at the Midea x Kuka acquisition. We call them our friends.
  • Math: get learned, for free. Cheaper and faster than following my undergrad path.
  • AI: even investors aren’t seeing the link between biomimicky and Artificial General Intelligence. It’s really quite a head scratcher. Microsoft starts to get it, right in front of A16Z’s nose but still missing it. The answer is here.
  • Neverland: a little island at the center of the world.
  • Storytelling: the key is to follow the character, not the plot, when creating choose your own adventure flicks.
  • Social: Insta passes 250M DAUs. Long way from Facebook numbers, but still beating Snapchat handily.
  • China: now on the cover of the NYT, and “Built Ford tough” now means “built in China”. If I look at countries like startups, China is iterating and executing faster than the US. Cash generation engine is pumping over there.
  • Jobs: GoogleX is hiring, but you’ve got to believe in, and build, the concepts found within Humanizing Tech.
  • Cloud: Wal-Mart throws shade.
  • Solar Eclipse: I remember bookmarking 2017 in my mind when I was a kid for the next eclipse. My parents then were my age now. 36.
  • AR: 3D cameras on the front and the back gives the NSA dimensionality. Watch Enemy of the State again from 1998, predicting the future.
  • Awards: aspire to push the human race forward.
  • Retail: Nike is now going to sell their shoes directly on Amazon. They are retail in the US.
  • Crypto: Ethereum crashed from $350 to $0.10 and rebounded in seconds. Be careful this volatility.
  • Color: it’s been scientifically proven that men’s testosterone decreases after viewing the color pink for extended periods of time. Maybe we take some of the world leaders here for lunch.
  • Biomimetic: now eyes.
  • M&A: emerging tech acquirers.
Deep learning’s a head fake trick. Nice thing in the short term but it’ll never defeat an animal or a human in a game of adaptation or wits.


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