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Diary of a Madman, Page 49

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I. This Week’s Analyses

  1. The Strange Question Chris Sacca Used to Make Billions & Build the Greatest Angel Portfolio Ever [Taylor Pearson]: about to break 500 recommends in a week, this story is a rocketship.
  2. Safe Cell Phone Use Is A Thing [Mia Everett]: creeping up on 100 recommends now, when the user guide for your cell phone and wrist wearable tell you to keep them at least 5mm away from your skin, you start to understand why your fingers and arm might be tingling. We may soon look down on cell phone users the way we know look at smokers with disdain.
  3. Apple’s Cryptocurrency Announced at WWDC [Sean Everett]: creeping up on 100 recommends, look again at the product shots, then ponder everything you know about crypto. Then tell me you don’t see a major parallel. I was also featured in The Information’s story about Coinbase’s trouble with theft.
  4. Interview with Designer & Tech Founder Cat Noone [Danielle Newnham]: a nice story about someone building the future who moved from the US to Berlin. Don’t hear that very often.
  5. The Ugly Side of Silicon Valley & The Tech Industry Culture [Chad Grills]: groupthink can be dangerous, and trust becomes an ever more important aspect of relationships and investments.
  6. On Starting a Software Business [Stephanie Hurlburt]: hot off the presses from a new friend who used to work at Oculus and Unity. Give her a read and a Twitter follow if you’re into VR/AR.
  7. 7 Ways to Piss Off the AI Talent You’re Trying to Recruit [Mariya Yao]: interesting story on the people trying to attract the architects of the next gold rush.
  8. How to Build 44,000 Facebook Fans in 3 Months just crossed 500 recommends.
Human intelligence could be summarized simply as “a species who builds tools”.

II. (The Big Announcement)²

Some big news last week from within the walls of Humanizing Tech. You can read all about last week’s announcement at The Mission Acquires Humanizing Tech. The title is a bit self-explanatory, but just in case you want some background.

In addition, The Mission just launched their Creative Studio focused on video. You can read more about that here and view some past branded content that worked for big tech companies.

It’s got the one thing that no other creative studio can give you: an audience of millions of people to distribute it to.

III. Newsworthy News for Emerging Tech

More proof of the 12 Tech Theses of the 2030s:

  • AI: it’s worth $16 trillion. So far.
  • Cryptocurrency: platforms are having problems.
  • Data: almost as if it gets treated as royalty ;)
  • Music: a new joint for summer even if it is a tough biz.
  • Video: Google releases their AI API. After running a global video platform for years, I can tell you these features are important. Chat with Tino Tereshko for more.
  • Strategy: if you think the same way as everyone else, you will inevitably build and sell commodities (i.e., zero profits)
  • Biologic Intelligence: running almost a week’s worth of brain EEG data through the algo to accurately predict seizures.
  • China: a rare miss from a country iterating faster than most startups. Because it is one. China is lapping the US.
  • FinTech: fraud prevention is the #1 corporate request direct from many Plug & Play customers. Also, real-time payments and identity are big.
  • Corporate Innovation: “I’m sick of everyone trying to sell me a platform and wanting to own my data. That’s risk. I just want that tiny thing.”
  • Cellular: Where is the decentralized cell phone service? No carrier. Just connection.
  • Government: Will we eventually pay a monthly subscription fee to a “government” to protect us and provide insurance in case of XYZ (health, wealth, etc)?
  • Robotics: what starts as cars eventually transforms into lifelike humanoid robotics. Will need a biologically inspired brain + nervous system, tho.
  • Connectomics: the most detailed scan of the human brain, yet.
In terms of AI complexity / power of tools:
1. Correlations
2. Multivariate Regressions
3. Deep Learning
4. Cortical Columns
5. Connectomics


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