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Diary of a Madman, Page 50

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I. This Week’s Analyses

  1. A Bragi Dash Retrospective [Antoine RJ Wright]: there’s been a lot of talk about the Apple AirPods, but this competitor has some novel features that the 800-pound gorilla is lacking.
  2. The Threat to Science No One Talks About [Joe Brewer]: interesting take from a new friend, closing in on 1000 recommends.
  3. Just Go With The Flow: The Math of Fluid [Mathspace]: if you haven’t seen complex physics and math topics boiled down onto a napkin for a normal person, you haven’t lived.
  4. Night Owls Are Smarter & More Creative, According to Science [Melissa Chu]: the title says it all, with citations by academic researchers.
  5. Limits of Growth — Weber’s Law & Its Implications [Selim]: learn a new scientific law today, then apply the concept to startups and cities, or even humanity at large.
  6. 12 Tech Theses of the 2030s [Sean Everett]: replublished on The Mission, give it a fresh look if you haven’t in awhile.

II. 180 Fountainhead Analyses, Now For Free

As promised in previous Diary’s, I’ve gone through and unlocked nearly all 180+ fountainhead analyses. The collective set will be fully unlocked by the end of this week. If there’s one specifically you want but hasn’t been opened up yet, just give me a shout and I’ll do it. Unfortunately, it’s a manual process as Medium has no bulk unlock feature so that’s the issue at the moment.

The Fountainhead Movement: Confidential Analyses, Unlocked

III. Newsworthy News for Emerging Tech

More proof of the 12 Tech Theses of the 2030s:


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