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In honor of GOT S7 premiere, “Shall we begin?”

I. This Week’s STEM Analyses

  1. Review of KPCB’s 2017 Internet & Tech Trends [FEATURED Sean Everett]: 4,500 words for the story behind the data. Note that our content is being picked up by other technologists in the community. See the Inside Venture Capital newsletter that went out this weekend as we’re at the #1 spot. Thanks dudes, whomever you are.
  2. The Blockchain Explained to Web Developers, Part 1 The Theory [François Zaninotto]: a high level overview down to a mathematical comparison between Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  3. Thursday Night Tea w/ The Mission [Chad Grills]: the first of a new live streaming series. Just getting started and testing things out, with more excitement coming forthwith.
  4. Cryptocurrency & ICO Resources [Sean Everett]: a 10-part list that will help you get smarter about, or launch your own, ICO.
  5. A Sense Worth Investing In [Mia Everett]: don’t forget about one of the most important human senses when running a business in a physical space. It moves the needle.
  6. Smart Cities & Image Recognition [Joe Hanson]: the time is ripe for a smart city. We have a friend running one of the biggest in Florida.
  7. How To Be Happy, A Scientific Perspective [Darius Foroux]: is happiness written in our DNA?
  8. Preparing for the Shift [Sean Everett]: what the Fund of the Future looks like.
  9. Just Go With The Flow: Math of the Fluid [Mathspace]: simple napkin drawings explaining complex topics.
  10. 12 Things Microsoft Should Know About Windows 10 [Christian Cantrell]: what Windows users aren’t telling them.

II. The Mission’s Massive Millennial Reach

Because we’re not ones to be left out of this vanity metric baseball game and let someone else get the Media MVP, we thought it would be interesting to share a few of our stats on reach and demographics. Be careful with subscriber counts on Medium, it doesn’t tell you anything about the full reach of your content.

Media Presence

  • 2,600,000 page views per month
  • 2,000,000 unique readers per month
  • 360,000 social followers and growing
  • 3,300 hours spent per day reading our stories
  • 220,000 subscribers receive our email newsletter

Audience Demographics

  • Highly educated, influential leaders
  • 55% men, 45% women
  • 50% have a HHI of $100K+
  • 67% between the ages of 21–49
  • 266% more likely than the average US news reader to have attended graduate school
  • 200% more likely than the average US news reader to have a HHI of $200K+

Get in touch if you’re interested in accessing the future of our species.

III. Newsworthy News for Emerging Tech

More proof of the 12 Tech Theses of the 2030s:

  • Music: streaming to wearables is the holy grail. Apple Music + AirPods is the future. Meanwhile, Spotify paid subs (50M)= 2x Apple Music (27M).
  • Video: the product answer to standing out from a commoditized crowd.
  • Self-Driving AR: this future iPhone sensor might be the trojan horse into the Apple Car.
  • Nanotech: control nanobots over a live stream of video. The convergence continues.
  • Cryptocurrency: just tipped. The Fund of the Future’s job is to 1) filter out crap for LPs and 2) go wherever alpha is, regardless of vehicle. Blue collar mining means nothing like it used to, even if the working conditions seem similar.
  • Ethereum: we predicted its rise, and its fall. Greed + fear = human emotion, regardless of vehicle.
  • Cybersecurity: emerging markets aren’t your friend. This startup seems undervalued knowing the threat of War 3.0.
  • AI: Microsoft’s super secret, but growing, team gets the power of AI at the edge. Be wary if they start investing in Biologic Intelligence.
  • The Shift: a VC gets it.
  • Amazon: now Deep Sea as a Platform (DSAAP?)
  • Space: mining is going to be here before you know it. The 2030s Theses is a misnomer because it’s all actually playing out today. Get somebody focused on it immediately and stop focusing on tired digital transformation. That’s not where the future ROIC is.
  • Biomimmicry: next up, 3d printing animal connectomes after animal hearts.
  • Biohacking: when your body becomes your iPhone.
  • Robotics: delving into the 3 laws assumes the world wants humanoids to exist. Elon sure doesn’t.
  • VC: Shahin Farshchiechos many of our theses in one post.
  • Sports: moneyball hits the NBA. Just hire this guy’s voice already.
  • Luxury: IoLT is the new upscale Trojan horse. LVMH believes luxury is the one place where it doesn’t make sense to go Amazon. We agree and built EVERAE to prove the concept.
  • Climate: shit.
#TheShift has begun, becoming ripe when a convergence across multiple sectors happens with increasing regularity.

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