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Diary of a Madman, Page 52

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I. STEM Analyses

  1. 10,000 Hours with Claude Shannon: How a Genius Thinks, Works & Lives [Jimmy Soni]: I bought their book, highly recommend.
  2. Step Aside Artificial Intelligence, Here’s Biologic Intelligence [asmag]: yours truly featured in an industry publication while Google stumbles around in the dark.
  3. Equation for ICOs Expected Funding Level [Sean Everett]: formula for predicting the amount of money you’ll raise through your ICO.
  4. Infographic: How to Win Friends & Influence People [Jackie Blum]: Dale Carnegie’s classic, now simplified into emoticon form.
  5. State of Tech Hiring in 2017 [Jason Shen]: does it jive with your thoughts?
  6. Interview with Engineer & Entrepreneur Stephanie Hurlbut [Danielle Newnham]: we like that our friend is getting a little more media love.
  7. Nobody Cares About Your Amazon Alexa Skill [Jess Thornhill]: is voice really the future?

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Entrepreneurs could be defined as “someone who builds big things with a budget of $0”.

II. Dear Diary

A few things knocking around inside my head this week:

  • Veganism = reduction in CO2 = reduction in global temperatures = saving coral reefs = saves foundation of life on Earth
  • Raising capital through traditional investors is 5x harder than ICOs for the same amount of money
  • Coinbase can’t be trusted (even when they talk to Chase bank)
  • 3rd asteroid in a year coming close to Earth
  • Emerging tech and science could be a species-saver but the world cares more about entertainment escapism and cash flow today
  • Beauty matters in products because humans are visual creatures (nobody values how hard it was to create or how it works, only how it makes them feel)
  • Robotics is years away because people can’t see past deep learning or wired remote controls
  • Your opinion and facts matter differently depending on the company you work for
  • Claude Shannon is an unknown genius because he chose to be
  • You can commercialize NASA technology and create entirely new startups. There’s an app for that.
  • Companies will always, always pay for marketing and sales because that’s how they make money
  • Camping can kill your back, but the forest is worth it

III. Emerging Tech

More proof of the 12 Tech Theses of the 2030s:


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