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I. Our New Book

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You’ve heard all the talk of Bitcoin and can’t seem to avoid the buzz. It’s everywhere these days. So, if you’re looking for a fast, clear and smart crash-course on the subject, let the What The FU&K Is series be just that. We break down a whole bunch of unnecessary and complex crap to teach you the stuff you really need to know about the digital currency. Why waste time reading hundreds of pages of commentary and editorial mumbo jumbo when you can learn most of what you need to know in one quick sitting.

Read What The FU&K is Bitcoin? to understand whether it’s worth your time to invest in, whether this get-rich-quick stuff is reality or more dot-com era BS ready to implode, and how it may affect our future economy. Leave with the information necessary should you want to dig deeper.

This short ass book has only 3 chapters:

  1. What The Fu&k Is Bitcoin: a quick overview of what it is and what it means for you.
  2. So Many Questions: a question and answer format section where you can zoom straight to the questions you likely already have banging around your head.
  3. Going Deeper: a way to keep on learning smart shit, super quick.

Download it to your phone or computer to take it with you on the go, print it out to mark it up, or buy copies and gift them to friends and family who have no idea what the fu&k all this Bitcoin stuff is about.

Economics and Money Supply putting you to sleep? Cryptocurrency and ICOs sound too scary to contend with? Not quite sure what to even type into that search bar on Google? Other, 300-page books making you feel like you’re learning nothing? Then, this book is for sure for you and your learning style.

If you’d like to stay up to date on future book releases in the series, the latest news in Emerging Tech, or insights on where our world is going, you can sign up for our newsletter. We won’t bombard your inbox. Because that shit is super stupid. But we will keep you updated on crazy new knowledge and everything What The Fu&k.

Read What The FU&K is Bitcoin?

II. Featured Emerging Tech Analyses

  1. How Your Brand Can Execute With Video [Sean Everett]: video trends for your 2018 roadmap, including branded content for influencer marketing, with an updated MarTech knowledge database.
  2. The Mission News August 7th [The Mission]: the last one we decided to do for the time being, is also one of our best.
  3. These 6 Steps Will Help You Protect Your Data [Larry Kim]: detecting and avoiding phishing scams.
  4. Cancer Evolves & So Must The Treatment [RebelBio]: four alternative approaches to battling the most insidious of diseases.
  5. The Truth About How Gut Instincts Really Work [Melissa Chu]: whenever we feel conflicted about someone we meet, we hear the same thing over and over: “Trust your gut.”

III. Dear Diary: T-Shaped Versus Tic-Tac-Toe-Shaped

There days, the HR department is looking for something called T-shaped people. It means someone who has deep technical expertise in a single vertical (e.g., automotive) and wide across horizontal industries (e.g., software and tech). It means you have 10 years of experience in the automative OEM industry and another 10 years building software and apps for a variety of people.

This way, someone can look at a resume and go, “yup, you know where we’ve been and you’ve had the experience to take us where we need to go”.

The problem is that doesn’t really exist, by its very nature. If you spent 10 years in automotive, by definition you wouldn’t have spent that same 10 years building software across a different industry set. You can only do one or the other. So being prepared for self-driving (even though there are small departments inside these companies that have been working for years) is almost impossible.

Now take it to another level. Be H-shaped, or what I like to call, tic-tac-toe shaped.

You go deep in multiple industry verticals, you work across different horizontal areas (marketing, software, products, finance, investing).

How many people in the world are tic-tac-toe shaped?

Probably very few.

But the HR and recruiter bots don’t understand that. They’re looking for specific key words. They’re trying to hone in on a very specific type of experience and cross-over trait. By doing that, they’re missing the forest through the trees.

So these valuable people fall through the cracks. It’s only by actively searching and talking to people do you find them. By listening to their process of thinking and learning do you find them. It’s not captured in the resume itself. But rather the narrative that ties the weird experiences, educations, skills, and accomplishments together.

In a world of nice, neat boxes, these people make multi-dimensional hypercubes. In order to discover them, you’ve gotta take a step back, or up, to a different dimension.

In short, be careful what you think you value. You might miss the most valuable stuff. And people.


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