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Diary of a Madman, Page 56

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Solar Eclipse of the Heart

I. Featured Emerging Tech Analyses

  1. What The FU&K Is Bitcoin? [Sean Everett]: it’s now available in paperback. Buy the physical copy, get the digital one free.
  2. The Wild World of BioTech Insider Trading [Samy Hamdouche]: a friend gives an oft-overlooked insight into the weird world of investing.
  3. The Placebo Effect Is A Lie [Seth Miller]: the history, the news, the science, the reality.
  4. How To Get Your First Job In Data Science [Tomi Mester]: a data analyst and researcher’s advice.
  5. Slugging It Out With The Coming Eclipse [Jesse Lawler]: “to stare, or not stare?”, that is the question.
  6. Why Branded Content Performs So Well [Sean Everett]: a deeper dive into what branded content really is, the movie’s that have done it successfully, and how you can do it too.
  7. How & Why To Sponsor An Email Newsletter [The Mission]: newsletters are everywhere and you need new eyeballs. Which one do you turn to?

II. Dear Diary: Hype Cycles

The Gartner Hype Cycle is a long-running analysis of where Emerging Tech is on the trendline from something brand new to over-inflated to real stuff. They do one every year. 2017’s Hype Cycle version just came out:

A couple lessons here. First, by definition, invention = being early. AI and VR / AR is hitting it’s stride. But what I’m most excited about? Smart Dust. The idea from the 90s, put into a Crichton novel, is at the very left edge of this in 2017. Expect it to make waves in the 2030s.


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