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I. Featured Emerging Tech Analyses

  1. 50,000 Cellular Antennas & Your Health: A California bill is about to be passed that will increase the radiation exposure levels significantly. It could come to your city next.
  2. Why These 100 Mission-Driven Companies Will Win [Part 1 of 2]: the first 50 organization across beverages, food, shelter, apparel, and services that have a goal outside of just selling a product and making a profit.
  3. Why These 100 Mission-Driven Companies Will Win [Part 2 of 2]: the second half with more organizations across hardware, software, transportation, travel, entertainment, and work and home tech.

II. Dear Diary: Triangle of Value

As recently as a few years ago, you could come up with a new product or business simply by mashing together two different things. Supreme x Louis Vuitton crossover. Uber for Dog Walking. You get the picture.

But today, I would say it requires 3 things to impact the state of the world around us and stand out from the pervasiveness of advertising noise. The Triangle of Value, if you will:

  1. A brand.
  2. An influencer.
  3. An experience.

The move towards experiential activations by the world’s biggest brands proves the point. And it’s coming like a freight train. No longer is it enough to buy billboard space or Super Bowl ads, or do complex header bidding for programmatic ads across display.

It has all become effectively irrelevant and invisible to Gen Z and Millennials. Give me a positive experience, something crazy I can’t get anywhere else, and then you might get my attention.

Much like this pop-up shop on the side of a sheer rock face that activated only a handful of people, but gave those people the memory of an experience they would never forget. Oh, and the virality wasn’t bad either.

If you have any hope of selling products or services in the future, buying ad space on Google or Facebook just ain’t gonna cut it. If your strategy is a DSP and DMP with a bunch of Data Scientists mining for insights across a data lake, then you’ve kind of missed the forest through the trees.

III. Hedge Fund Data

If you’ve ever been interested in how Hedge Funds make their decisions on where to put huge blocks of capital, it can be a bit of a mysterious road. But I have a few friends in the space and so have been close to it for many years.

One new resource that just came out this summer followed by the emerging leaders of the next generation of hedge funds is AlternativeData.org. It’s all about finding new kinds of data that result in alpha generation. They’re owned by YipitData but have a nice market map of the data providers in the market.

As we move into the future of cryptocurrency and its impact on the global economy and money supply, expect things like this to be a leading indicator of what’s to come.

In other news, things are starting to get very interesting inside China. Reporting from our friends at Fortune this morning:

BYE BITCOIN: Another day, another blow to Bitcoin. Chinese authorities are planning to shut down local cryptocurrency exchanges. The ban will only apply to trading of cryptocurrencies on exchanges, according to Bloomberg. News of the impending exchange ban had an immediate effect on Bitcoin’s price — one Bitcoin traded at approximately $4,279 on Monday morning in Beijing, down 16% from its record on Sept. 1.
Why is this a big deal? China accounts for about 23% of Bitcoin trades and is home to many of the world’s biggest Bitcoin miners. The move comes a week after China’s central bank banned initial coin offerings, categorizing them as “illegal fundraising” and lumping them in with pyramid schemes.

In that regard, a nice article from a new friend Samy Hamdouche on trading biotech stocks like a hedge fund.

Pay attention. The future is happening right in front of your face.


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