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  1. Cyborg: Combing the dark corners of the internet outside of the popular tech press gives you real insight into what’s coming in the future. Remember that scene in The Matrix when Neo uploaded some martial arts skills into his brain (more precisely: connectome)? They weren’t actually uploading software, but rather injecting a Neural Lace.
  2. AI: Stanford published a weirdly titled 100-year report on AI that you’ve likely already come across. The thing that stuck out to me was nearly no mention of biological AI or connectomics in the 52-page PDF, save for a few paragraphs. That means either two things: 1) I’m a lunatic for thinking this is the right approach, or 2) it’s a defensible differentiator, little known secret, and monopolistic approach that Peter Theil and Andreessen Horowitz spend considerable time searching for. Been working on stories for that.
  3. Art: Did you know that I produce an original digital painting for each hand-crafted story I write on Humanizing Tech? I’ve chosen 9 of my favorites for your viewing, or printing, pleasure. All completely free.
  4. Video: I wrote about this briefly in a past diary entry, but have expanded it for the only strategy that works for making money with video. I also watched Werner Herzog’s new documentary on the internet. I find that these things take a broad view but never give enough depth. A tech-focused TV or movie channel needs to go deeper. I see this hole and major need in the market clear as day. Give me a shout if you’re doing anything in this area so I can help with the content (and maybe some pro bono video platform).
  5. Startup: The popular tech press has a very large problem with insider survivorship bias. Only the big companies or those with relationships typically get written about. But there are other places that are poised to kill it in the coming decade. Like my friend’s high tech tele-pharmacy startup he built in the middle of an Iowa cornfield. It just got acquired for 8 figures. Or the large dev community in France. Or, Piksel’s secret sauce; Malaga Spain may have a struggling economy, but brilliant machine learning PhDs and software engineers run rampant.
  6. Energy: I’ve been meaning to write about the State of Energy 2.0 for the last few weeks, but Peter Diamandis beat me to it. Maybe he’ll syndicate to Humanizing Tech in the future. In the meantime, read his article for an update on solar and batteries.
  7. Stats: We’re growing by +7% week over week. That’s enough for Paul Graham and YC to consider Humanizing Tech a “startup” based on that healthy growth rate alone.

— Sean

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