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  1. AI: Most of the AI community is focused on machinery and mathematical approaches to get us to the heart of artificial intelligence. But biology has given us another way. In order to use it, however, we must first seek to understand it. That’s why I tried to describe what an Artificial Connectome is, and how it could help us build the benevolent super-intelligence beautifully shown in Bicentennial Man.
  2. Apple: Of course I watched their hardware event last week. I’m most excited about the AirPods. It represents a dream I’ve had since rocking a 90s era Sony Discman in my elastic gym shorts waste band. Get rid of the weight and the wires. I’m so in. The announcements also left me pondering how many of the new feature announcements foreshadow the secret products Apple will release in the coming 5 years.
  3. Health: Did you know that you’re almost able to make a cryptographic back-up of your DNA? I would do it just so my story could live on well after I was gone. Maybe some day there will be a Diary of a Madman bot where you can ask me questions about the ‘how’ and ‘why’ I do what I do. Might only be relevant for my future family, but you never know. Also, Gene Drives are a real thing today. We can now force a biological trait with near 100% probability into any specie’s future generations. Want your next dog to have blue eyes? That’s what this is.
  4. Space: Did you know that on September 7, 2016 (5 days ago) an asteroid almost hit planet Earth? Scarily, we only detected the asteroid two days before it thankfully passed between us and the moon. It was 30 feet wide, which doesn’t sound like much but if it was only 30x wider, it would carry enough force to wipe out humanity and go the way of the dinosaurs. That’s a serious problem. We need a back-up plan otherwise Great Balls of Fire isn’t going to mean a song from the 60s.
  5. Startup: According to data by our friends at Crunchbase, the average seed round in the first half of 2016 was $1.1M, an increase of 20% from this time last year. The median, which is likely a better estimate of what you can expect to raise as a “normal” startup, is about half that at $0.6M. Even the median is up +50% year over year. So, as much as everyone is saying the VC vaults have runneth dry, there is still much opportunity for novel startups building products people want.
  6. Energy: One of our readers is in the solar power business and sent me a note about a story he wrote on the state of the solar industry. He might even write a bit more about it if we can give him a friendly little community nudge.
  7. Self-Driving: Tesla announced an update to their autopilot describing how they’re using some fancy math and radar sensors to detect and avoid objects. They describe how a soda can could appear as a giant object and only by lots of people running “through” it does their software learn it’s not really a hazard. Man, something just smells fishy about this approach to me. We need a better way. Biology doesn’t work this way. It sees the “truth” of the object and avoids it naturally. Why are we trying to recreate millions of years of nature’s R&D instead of putting it to work for ourselves? See connectome referenced above.
  8. Stats: We’re still growing by +7% week over week.

— Sean

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