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  1. Privacy: We are squarely within the Surveillance Age, as the week of Snowden was upon us. I wrote a state of privacy article for The Mission this week, which included a fun new product to help defend your family from prying eyes. It’s proving very popular and was featured on Medium’s homepage.
  2. AI: I had a conversation with The Information’s Kevin McLaughlin about NVIDIA letting Intel buy Nervana’s AI and chip design 2-year old startup. More to come on that front, but in the meantime, our intelligent future will be determined not by mechanical or mathematical approaches, but by biological.
  3. Video: We got our hands on a Microsoft Hololens developer edition and are doing some R&D with it. My colleague Philip Shaw wrote a 2nd follow-up post on what it’s like to use an Augmented Reality headset and the one thing it’s missing to becoming a truly compelling product.
  4. Space: An asteroid almost hit Earth on September 7th. It’s a scary proposition and we need some sort of back-up plan for humanity’s survival. One idea is outposts on the Moon and Mars. But in order to do that we need 1) cheap rockets 2) AI wayfinding and 3) raw material mining. One country working on that? China. They just launched a second space station as part of the roadmap towards that vision.
  5. Apple: The AirPods have been tickling the back of my mind since they were announced on the same day as the asteroid fly-by. As I pondered what kind of roadmap Apple might pursue for wireless headphones with a chip, I realized it wasn’t an obvious path. So I spent some time dissecting use cases to predict it. Incidentally, I also found the location of one of the Titan Car’s building and mapped it on, what else, Apple Maps.
  6. Interview: YC’s Sam Altman interviewed Elon Musk in the Tesla factory. If you’re interested in Space, Energy, Genetics, AI, or Transportation (so, pretty much all of Humanizing Tech), it’s one to watch.
  7. Health: We can now control our own biology with nothing more than a thought. Coupled with Gene Drives, this technology could be how Marvel’s Avengers were created in the first place. Superhuman, here we come. Stay tuned for the full story.
  8. Startup: Our subscribers are still growing at a consistent 7% per week. We never built Humanizing Tech to be a high-growth startup, but with similar metrics as YouTube’s Series A, it seems to meet the requirements. The motto being, don’t work forward from the tech, work backwards from the humans.

— Sean

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