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Einstein’s Miracle’s Can Be Your Own

Fountainhead News: May 19, 2017

I. A Man’s Magic Few Months

In 1905, Albert Einstein was working as a patent clerk after ruffling feathers in university and being unable to secure a professorship job. He was a brilliant man, almost driven crazy by the lack of society or academia taking him seriously.

In short, nobody understood him.

But he had to get a job to support his family. And so one of the greatest thinkers of his time was relegated to a position that his peers laughed at.

He pushed his professors to think differently. To not take for granted any of the thinking that came before him, even if it was from the equally brilliant brains of Netwon or other scientists.

He argued in favor of thought experiments, he argued in favor of rethinking this weird thing called “ether” that made no sense. He argued in favor of these tiny little particles that moved around the world. He argued in favor of time and space being thought of as a single thing.

And so, in the course of about 6 months he set out to prove the world wrong. He published a paper with his novel thinking. It got ignored. He published a second paper with even more novel thinking. It got ignored. He published a third paper with another, even more earthshattering breakthrough and it was ignored.

Because he worked as a “lowly” patent clerk.

But the fourth paper made it impossible to ignore. He had theorized something so breathtaking, something that could be tested, that the entire world stood up and noticed. It made him famous for all-time to the point that most normal people can recite his mathematical equation from memory.

His four inventions, if you will:

  1. Photoelectric Effect: that light is both a wave and a particle
  2. Brownian Motion: matter is made of atoms
  3. Special Relativity: the speed of light is constant, and everything else is relative to that to the observer, including time
  4. Mass-Energy Equivalence: E=mc², that energy is just mass in motion

II. Creating Your Own Magic

By definition, as someone who thinks differently, you are an outsider. No one will take you seriously. You have to prove your posits so unequivocally that no man or woman or machine can deny your work.

And then you have to do it over and over again.

That is the hard work of making your way into the circle of people taking you seriously and believing you. It’s not new. In fact, it has been repeating across human history.

Everybody who’s anybody started as nobody.

The first thing most people say is, “I don’t have the time”. Einstein didn’t have the time. He was working a full-time job and had a young family. But he made the time. He found a way.

It’s not time that is important, but rather priority. Your survival and family comes first. And then you have to choose whether to keep entertaining yourself, or to work towards what you want in life.

Even 1 hour per day, for 365 days in a row, will begin to compound into something exponentially more valuable than what you started with.

Humanizing Tech is one example of that. An hour or two a day writing blog posts over a year and we went from a non-existent publication of zero followers to over 11,000.

Let curiousity be your guide. What interests you, pulls you forward. It attracts others like a magnet, and soon it becomes something tangible that other people value.

Find a way to keep going, keep that spark of curiosity alive, and you will find your own magic. It’s there for all of us, we just need to prioritize the magic.

III. An Example of Our Own

As a real-world example of new thinking in an industry where everyone thinks they have it figured out, we of course can talk about Biologic Intelligence’s self-learning AI.

As we’ve spoken with more investors and customers, we have found the individuals who not only believe in our approach, but also believe it’s an inevitability. As one so succinctly put it, “I’m glad someone has formed a company around this”. It’s a small faction in a much larger whole, but the belief is slowly growing.

Our proof is coming soon.


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