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Elon Musk Finally Catches Up to Biologic Intelligence

Fountainhead News: Apr 21, 2017

Elon is back again, working with Wait But Why on another 36,000 word long-form overview of the brain and the innerworkings of Neuralink, his neural mesh startup.

The brain runs on only 20 watts of power and produces some incredible general intelligence capabilities. If you could model how it works you would be able to have something incredibly efficient running inside self-driving cars, on industrial sensors, on aircraft and space ships. It wouldn’t take much power, run on a single computer chip, and let you do miraculous things with robotic machinery.

So that’s why we spent 6 years emulating how the brain AND nervous system works inside roundworms, fruit flies, and zebra fish. We pulled from scientific research, we did our own trial and error, and we successfully modeled synaptic connection (not just a neural spiking event like the rest of the industry), the branching necessary to connect to a new neuron, synaptic pruning when pathways deteriorate over time from less use, and plasticity for the intelligence to maintain learning.

Our software functions like a fractal in 3-dimensional space just like animal brains. We run on a single low-power chip and, after plugging in sensor data into our Biologic Intelligence, we get some pretty incredible superpowers out the other side, like avoiding chaotic obstacles in real-time with zero prior training data.

So as you read this Wait But Why article and they all tell you some of this tech is years away, don’t forget that we’ve been hear for years. 6 to be precise. And are already talking to Tier 1 customers about it.

You merely adopted Biologic Intelligence. We were born into it.



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