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Exclusive: Facebook’s Coming TV Channel

Signs pointing to tech’s changing content & engagement strategy

Note: the information below is shared, unedited, from a trusted source working in the Video industry, who asked to remain anonymous due to his current role at a major company.

The writing is on the wall. By writing, I mean TV. And by wall, I mean your Facebook wall.

Facebook is not a social network, it is the most dangerous media company on the planet. As it forms new partnerships with content providers and builds the foundation of what appears to be an internal studio to create more long-form, premium original content, the way people around the globe consume media is about to change even more drastically.

For advertisers, they will likely forget all about the many measurement debacles of 2016 and grab on tight to the highly targetable advertising channel (and in opinion more intrusive than any other platform to-date besides maybe Google). Why should big media pay attention besides the obvious reasons?

Well, Facebook has a built-in advertising and marketing platform to reach critical mass faster than any company on the planet — it’s called the News Feed and they control what content runs in that space. Therefore, sprinkling it with new, original long-form content will allow its users to shift its media consumption once again (like it did for social alerts, news updates, etc.) and big media players won’t know what him them.

The race is on, but the start happened a while ago. Here are the latest events leading up to the inevitable Facebook TV:

“TV options have evolved from broadcast to cable to [subscription video-on-demand],” said Tonia O’Connor, Univision Communications’ chief commercial officer and president of content distribution. “Now Facebook represents the next wave of TV and, given its scale, they are an ideal partner to distribute our Liga MX matches in English.”

If this isn’t enough about Facebook for one day, don’t even get me started on what Facebook is going to be introducing as it pertains to integrated TV-VR experiences that are also on the horizon. Time will tell how advertisers will respond (likely won’t be a for a while at the local level).

P.S. In case you didn’t notice, all of the posts listed above were from Variety. If that’s not another hint that TV content is coming to Facebook, I don’t know what is.

— Anonymous

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