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"From Foster Care to Futurism" in Humanizing Tech

A Letter of Gratitude TedX talk from my creative friend Tragnark

Art by Tragnark

I. The Shoutout

One of my good friends that I had the pleasure of working closely with over the course of many years and two consumer software startups recently gave a TedX talk.

His universe name is Tragnark. He’ll tell you from his Zord communicator that he’s a bard from a different dimension. We just call him Trag and crack up at the curiousities from his prevalent streams of consciousness.

He’s an illustrator, artist, creative, and been working as a Futurist as Hasbro for the last few years concepting the next crazy wave of toys with stories. One of my all-time favorite pieces of his art is at the top of this letter. Below is another piece of art from our StoryApp journey, showing our intelligent friend KIIY as a partially mechanical robot.

Art courtesy of Tragnark

II. The TedX Talk

A few long-time readers might see a few things you recognize in the video below

— Sean

More Shoutouts

Wireless Robotic Hand with Force-Sensitive Grip, Made by a Former Colleague

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