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Hey man, thanks for the response.

Hey man, thanks for the response. The goal here was to concept a new platform that normal people could use with off-the-shelf, free apps to create their own financial freedom. I’ve got a post coming in the next week or so outlining the product mechanics, gamification methods, and even mobile marketing email notifications that would tricker purchase behavior.

So, at least in the US, that meant using Robinhood for trading and Openfolio for benchmark comparison.

I know that Robinhood is looking to expand into other types of securities and enable more of a global basket of potential trading options, but right now it’s still somewhat limited unfortunately. So, in some cases there were a few securities that I wanted to invest in, but couldn’t.

Unfortunately, I don’t have time to build all of these products so hoping that some readers want to join together to turn the idea into a reality. I see a lot of people hungry who have maybe $50/month to start investing but don’t want to pay the 2 and 20 fees of the big boys.

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