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Hey Martin, thanks for the thoughts.

Hey Martin, thanks for the thoughts. It actually means mimicking an animal’s connectome in software. That is, copying every neuronal connection in the brain and nervous system in the body, pasting it into software, and then also copying the mechanics of how it works when new learning occurs (synaptic growth, synaptic pruning). As you might imagine, it sounds easy when put like that, but uncovering the processes tuned as precisely as nature has done is not trivial. That’s the first half of the secret sauce.

Now, to the potential negative implications you’ve described. At this point, we’re only copying a C Elegans worm. We’re removing stuff that we don’t want (like going to the bathroom or animalistic behavior) when we’ve re-written the entire thing into what we call Biologic Intelligence. That’s the second half of the secret sauce, and how we maintain a measure of control over the system.

We use the benefits of how animals wayfind themselves around a 3-dimensional world, without the potential negative aspect of an animal (i.e., car) attacking you LOL.

So, no Borg or consciousness yet, just borrowing some things from nature that its really good at, much like the rest of material design and product design.

Help at all, or make things even more worrisome?

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