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Hi Jelena thanks for the comment.

Hi Jelena thanks for the comment. Have a look at the response I just made to someone else with the same point please. I also said further down in this post that I’m not saying people should do this. Again, this exposes a hole in Facebook. They don’t have a ContentID system like YouTube. This tutorial isn’t the problem. The platform is that not only doesn’t protect against it but literally gives you the tool to do this. It’s a product problem that social celebs have written about and represents another reason they don’t move to Facebook (minus monetization).

I run a global video platform and this is a problem that all content creators struggle with, myself included.

At the end of the day this post is a resource to show people how easy it is to build a following using free tools. That’s it. Not a black hat guide to stealing content. I hope you can see the intention in this.

My very good friend didn’t do this exercise to steal or to profit or to promote a product. It was done for the sake of learning. He spent money out of his own pocket. And he’s not selling the page. So I hope the tone of your comment wasn’t a threat. It would be counterproductive to the men and women on the internet who strive to seek knowledge on their own accord and then give that knowledge away freely to help other people and organizations.

Heck, we believe so much in this that I didn’t even post this to my own publication where it would have afforded me more followers. Or create an online course and charge for it as others in this comment thread have suggested.

Nay. As I’ve written for years, if we’re fortunate enough to gain knowledge, we have a responsibility to share it.

— Sean

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